10 Suzuki Motorcycles With The Best Power-To-Weight Ratio

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Hyper Sport Bike

All the Big Four motorcycle manufacturers from Japan, including Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha, are known for producing highly reliable and powerful motorcycles with cutting-edge technologies. However, Suzuki stands out for its strong reputation for affordability, durability, and diverse product offerings. Its commitment to quality, innovation, and social responsibility further solidifies its position as a … Read more

The Secrets Behind The Suzuki Hayabusa’s Powerful 1.3 Liter Engine

The Secrets Behind The Suzuki Hayabusa's Powerful 1.3 Liter Engine

Summary Kawasaki’s Ninja ZX-11 and Honda’s Super Blackbird 1100XX were the world’s fastest production motorcycles, until Suzuki introduced the Hayabusa with its top speed of 180 mph. The Hayabusa had a unique design, with a focus on aerodynamics to minimize drag and protect the rider from wind. It may not have been visually appealing at … Read more

Suzuki Hayabusa Challenges The BMW S 1000 RR

Summary Both motorcycles have a handful of drag race-oriented upgrades. The S 1000 RR produces 193 horsepower, while the Hayabusa manages 195 ponies (both in stock configuration). Love them or hate them, there’s no denying drag races are super entertaining. And things level up further when the contenders are two of the fastest motorcycles in … Read more

After Drag Strips, Watch A Suzuki Hayabusa Obliterate Sand Dunes

Summary Matt Spears has customized a Suzuki Hayabusa for off-roading. The Hayabusa still carries forward its powerful 195 horsepower engine. Ask any dirt bike rider, and he/she will tell you 60-70 horsepower is more than enough to have serious amounts of fun in the dirt. Heck, even Dakar Rally bikes have roughly 70-odd ponies. But … Read more

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