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15 upcoming electric station wagon (estate) models

[ad_1] Update: ‘BMW i5 Touring,’ ‘VW ID.7 Tourer,’ and ‘2025 Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo (facelift)’ updated. The station wagon segment may be nonexistent in the United States, let alone an electric station wagon or electric estate car segment. This can be attributed to the emergence of minivans and SUVs in the 1980s, which promised more … Read more

The death of the station wagon | Drive Flashback

[ad_1] But today’s estate heroes are just as likely to be performance models as they are purely utilitarian. While you can still buy a humble long-roof, at once practical and charming, it’s the performance formula that has elevated wagons to ‘cool’ status in today’s new car landscape, a perfect antidote to the proliferation of, as … Read more

Man rear-ends unmarked NSW police car at petrol station

[ad_1] The driver responsible for the collision was issued an infringement notice for negligent driving – with police confirming no one was injured in the incident. View 2 images CCTV footage of a driver rear-ending an unmarked police car at a petrol station has emerged online – with authorities confirming no one was injured in the … Read more

Volkswagen station wagons go electric with ID.7 Tourer

[ad_1] Electric propulsion has come to Volkswagen wagons with the Commodore-sized ID.7 Tourer in Europe, offering up to 685km of claimed driving range. German car giant Volkswagen has unveiled its first wagon with electric power, the ID.7 Tourer – with up to 685km of claimed driving range and 1714 litres of boot space. It shows … Read more

The real reason you can’t use your mobile phone at the petrol station

[ad_1] Urban myth or outdated warning? Here’s what experts have to say about the rules for using mobile phones while refuelling. While filling up your car at a petrol station, you’ve likely noticed a sign prohibiting you from using your mobile phone while at the pump. And if you’ve ever been told off via loudspeaker … Read more

‘Someone finally did it’: Tesla at petrol station sparks controversy

[ad_1] Reddit users have weighed in on whether or not this act should be a fineable offence, citing new ‘ICEing’ legislation. A Tesla Model Y parked at a service station on Sydney’s North Shore in January 2024. Image credit: The rivalry between owners of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and electric vehicles (EV) has … Read more

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