Not Ok? Automakers Selling Your Data to Insurance Companies

The big news item this week is automakers selling driving data to insurance companies for profit. Selling driving data? Yup, automakers, specifically GM, have been selling your driving data through a third-party data company called Lexis Nexis. This company then sells the data to insurance companies. This can happen with or without your consent as … Read more

‘Buyers will overpay’: Scams to avoid when selling a car on Facebook Marketplace

There are plenty of scams out there that will leave you without a car and without the cash for it either. We have all the tips you need to stay safe when selling your car on Facebook Marketplace.  Facebook Marketplace has become one of the most popular selling platforms for cars over recent years. It … Read more

Here’s Why Mazda Stopped Selling Pickups In The United States

Summary Mazda has a strong presence in the North American market, with the U.S. being their biggest market. Mazda used to sell trucks in the U.S., but they were actually rebranded Fords due to a partnership with Ford. Mazda no longer sells trucks in America because it didn’t make economic sense for them to compete … Read more

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