Rimac Automobile C Two - SUV VEHICLE

Rimac Sees Liquid-Fueled Nanotube Tech As A Viable Replacement For Heavy EV Batteries

[ad_1] Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) have taken the world by storm, but their reign is not absolute. Croatian hypercar manufacturer, Rimac, is peering into a future where batteries are obsolete, replaced by a revolutionary technology: liquid-fueled electricity generation using nanotubes. This nascent concept, still in its experimental phase, holds the potential to rewrite the rules … Read more

Rimac Nevera Sets Record Books On Fire By Touching 171 MPH In Reverse

[ad_1] Summary The Rimac Nevera sets a new record for the fastest speed achieved by a car in reverse at 171 mph, showcasing its revolutionary electric drivetrain. The Nevera’s four independent electric motors and unique gearbox eliminate traditional transmission limitations, delivering instant torque and unmatched agility. This record-breaking achievement demonstrates the potential of electric drivetrains … Read more

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