The Real Story Behind The One And Only Existing 1983 Chevrolet Corvette

Black 1984 Chevrolet Camaro C4

Summary The 1983 Corvette is the only unowned Corvette to ever exist and was never sold to the public, adding to its mystique. Though planned, the 1983 Corvette was never officially released due to design challenges and lack of sufficient time for production. The one surviving 1983 Corvette, located and restored to its original condition, … Read more

The Real Reason Why Toyota Shuns Electric Cars

Toyota Kentucky plant 

While several regions like California, the EU, and parts of Canada and Australia aim to ban gas-powered cars by 2035 and major automotive players have committed to going fully electric by 2030, Toyota continues to chart a different course. Though facing pressure to join the all-electric bandwagon, the company maintains its focus on a “multi-pronged … Read more

The Real Cost Of New Car Ownership In 2024

A row of BMWs

Summary The enduring bond between Americans and their cars is exemplified by the 3.5 percent surge in vehicle registrations from 2018 to 2022. The average annual cost of owning a new vehicle in 2023 increased significantly, sparking theories on attributing the rise. Rising costs of repair are linked to vehicle complexity, heavier components, the changing … Read more

Lightning McQueen: The Real Cars That Inspired The Legend

Green Ford Bullitt Mustang

Summary Lightning McQueen’s design originally drew inspiration from the Chevrolet Corvette C6, with elements of the sports car still present. The character’s look combines Generation 4 NASCAR cues with classic NASCAR cars like the Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Charger Daytona. McQueen’s design also reflects features of road cars, such as the Dodge Viper SR II … Read more

The real reason you can’t use your mobile phone at the petrol station

Urban myth or outdated warning? Here’s what experts have to say about the rules for using mobile phones while refuelling. While filling up your car at a petrol station, you’ve likely noticed a sign prohibiting you from using your mobile phone while at the pump. And if you’ve ever been told off via loudspeaker while … Read more

The Real Reason Why All American Cruiser Motorcycles Have V-twin Engines

BMW R 18 Dragster

Summary American culture, patriotism, and heritage play a significant role in why American motorcycle manufacturers stick with V-twin engines. V-twin engines are easier to work on, making them popular among American bikers, especially those who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II. V-twin engines offer a usable power band, torquey performance, and … Read more

2025 Kia Tasman ute spy photos: This is the real thing

The final design for the Australia-bound Kia ute has been caught on camera at last, after months of test ‘mules’ wearing bodywork improvised from other Kia models. Images via Woopa TV on YouTube. The 2025 Kia Tasman ute has been photographed in its showroom-bound bodywork for the first time, ahead of Australian showroom arrivals due … Read more

10 Things Only Real Muscle Car Fans Know About The Original 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Summary The 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS was a powerful and iconic muscle car of its time, known for its aggressive stance and muscular body. The Chevelle SS came with a standard 396 (which was actually a 40 engine, but the more desirable 454 engine was also available as an option. The 1970 Chevelle SS had … Read more

Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Show Off Its Off-roading Prowess In The Real World

Tesla Cybertruck left profile view

The Tesla Cybertruck, some love it, while others don’t want to admit it because it looks funny. In any case, the electric beast cannot be denied when it comes to power and resilience. Naturally, such qualities are to be expected, considering how Elon Musk described it as “Tesla’s best product ever”. The company’s efforts in … Read more

10 Things Real Bikers Should Know About American Motorcycle History

Every country in the world considers their own motorcycle industry to be the most important in the world of motorcycling and many of those claims have some validity, while stopping short of being definitive. America has its own completely distinctive motorcycle history but, as so often happens, reality and truth often give way to hearsay, … Read more

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