Here’s Why The Internet Is Raving About Porsche’s New Suspension System

W124 Mercedes-Benz 500 E

Summary The Porsche Active Suspension Management System and Active Ride System combine to create comfort without sacrificing performance. Cutting-edge technology adjusts suspension in real-time for stability, handling, and overall performance. Real-time adaptation and control ensure a stable, controlled ride by actively managing damping forces based on driving conditions. Porsche has set the automotive world abuzz … Read more

The Science Behind Porsche’s Record-Breaking V4 Engine

1982 Porsche 956 2018 Porsche 919 Hybrid EVO

Summary Porsche’s V-4 engines offer unique advantages for high-performance applications. In the realm of automotive engineering, the compact nature of the V-4 engine offers significant advantages, particularly in terms of packaging. The hybrid system in the 919 Evo integrated with a V-4 engine helped Porsche dominate endurance racing. As enthusiasts of the automotive world, we’re … Read more

Bentley, Audi, and Porsches held over alleged Chinese parts – report

A shipment of luxury cars has been impounded by US Customs following Chinese parts allegedly breaching ‘forced labour’ laws. View 2 images Almost 1000 vehicles from brands owned by Volkswagen Group have been impounded by US Customs delaying their arrival at dealerships andcustomers for an indefinite period. As reported by Financial Times, the shipment of vehicles … Read more

Inside Porsche’s secret – and priceless – car collection

In a nondescript and secret warehouse near Porsche’s headquarters, lives a collection of cars that is impossible to put a price on. Drive’s Glenn Butler sneaks inside for a quick peek. This is what priceless really looks like. I’m standing in the middle of more than 780 irreplaceable cars. Most — but not all — … Read more

Porsche’s Long Lost 16-Cylinder Supercar From The 1930s

Summary The Auto Union P52, a car designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1932, could have been the world’s first supercar, representing innovation and ambition in the automotive industry. The P52 was designed to optimize the placement of heavy components and maintain consistent driving characteristics throughout a race, with a layout that still defines modern race … Read more

Here’s How Porsche’s Synthetic Fuel Could Be A Gamechanger In The Auto Industry

In 2022, Porsche announced it was investing $75 million in a Chilean eFuel company. Efuels, or fuels made from renewable resources, come in a few different forms and vary from e-kerosene to e-methanol. The latter is already playing a key part in reducing carbon emissions in the shipping container industry. In 2021, Yale Climate Connections … Read more

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