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How Australian new-vehicle emissions rules have been relaxed to help utes, 4WDs

[ad_1] Emissions standards coming soon for new vehicles in Australia have been delayed and weakened for utes, vans and many 4WD SUVs. Here’s what you need to know. View 7 images Utes and large four-wheel-drives are the biggest winners of changes to Australia’s proposed new-vehicle emissions standards presented to parliament yesterday. The bill – announced Tuesday … Read more

Australian new-vehicle emissions rules weakened after car-maker backlash

[ad_1] The Federal Government has watered down proposed emissions regulations for new cars, following pressure from the automotive industry in recent weeks. View 4 images Concessions will be made for heavy-duty four-wheel-drives under weakened plans for tailpipe emissions rules for new vehicles announced by the Australian Government today. The government has conceded to calls from Australia’s … Read more

MG adds to support of Australian new-vehicle emissions rules

[ad_1] Australia’s top-selling Chinese car brand – which sells a range of hybrid and electric cars – has expressed its support for proposed new-vehicle emissions targets in Australia. View 3 images Chinese car maker MG has joined other top-selling manufacturers in supporting the Australian Government’s proposed emissions targets for new vehicles. The formerly British-owned brand is … Read more

Nissan backs new-vehicle emissions standards – with changes

[ad_1] Nissan Australia says it supports the government’s new vehicle emissions standards – but with modifications to allow it to continue selling large 4WDs and utes without paying hefty fines. View 6 images Nissan Australia is the latest car maker to support emissions reduction targets for new vehicles in Australia, but has called for the regulations … Read more

New-vehicle emissions reduction targets announced for Australia next year

[ad_1] Strict proposed emissions targets for new vehicles due next year – intended to catch Australia up with the US – are set to force manufacturers to sell more electric and hybrid cars to offset high-pollution utes and 4WDs. View 11 images The Federal Government has proposed tough emissions standards for new passenger and light-commercial vehicles … Read more

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