10 Most Powerful Automatic Transmission Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2024

Africa Twin CRF1100L

The automatic transmission is often written off by enthusiasts, but people have spoken with their wallets and proven that there is certainly a place for it. Even if we are not particularly fond of them, it is still important to acknowledge the progress that has been made in terms of technology. Honda is the motorcycle … Read more

Most Iconic Valentino Rossi Helmets, Ranked

Alpinestars Supertech R10 Helmet 3

Summary Valentino Rossi’s helmet designs have been the finest in MotoGP, with the SoleLuna being a constant appearance. From his debut in the 125cc world championship to his move to Yamaha and Ducati, Rossi’s career steps have been backed by stunning helmets. Rossi’s helmet designs not only showcase his creativity and style but also hold … Read more

Why Honda Made The Limited-Run VFR750F Superbike

Honda’s VFR platform has been a stalwart in the sport-touring category for the past thirty-seven years, right through the late ninety-eighties. Surprisingly, this journey of reliability and excellence had its genesis amid Honda’s tumultuous mid-1980s, marked by the infamous VF range. It is confusing and complicated all at the same time, but there is debate … Read more

10 Things Real Bikers Should Know About American Motorcycle History

Every country in the world considers their own motorcycle industry to be the most important in the world of motorcycling and many of those claims have some validity, while stopping short of being definitive. America has its own completely distinctive motorcycle history but, as so often happens, reality and truth often give way to hearsay, … Read more

10 Dos and Dont’s For Motorcycle Maintenance

Even if the modern motorcycle is really not designed for home maintenance or servicing, requiring encyclopedic knowledge and multiple special tools, not to mention a degree in electronics, there are still plenty of routine tasks you can perform yourself to keep your motorcycle in perfect working order. These work well at extending the life of … Read more

10 Iconic Motorcycle Brands That Shaped The Industry

There have been hundreds of motorcycle manufacturers in existence since the early 20th Century, many of which failed, some of which turned away from motorcycle manufacturing to concentrate on alternative engineering, and many more that have survived and thrive today. Some manufacturers made little impact on motorcycling, while others, like Harley-Davidson, had an influence beyond … Read more

10 Universal Japanese Motorcycles That Are Affordable

For roughly a decade, there was just no stopping the sheer onslaught of inexpensive, bulletproof motorcycles from Japan. They made so successful of an impact on the motorcycle industry as a whole, that entire brands fell by the wayside in their wake. Only major internal reflection and restructuring by the more resilient of the manufacturers … Read more

The Most Dangerous Motorcycle Races That Exist Today

Summary Irish Road Racing, including the North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix, is legendary but faces challenges due to high insurance premiums. The Dakar Rally is known as the toughest motorcycle race, with extreme conditions, lack of sleep, and the risk of waiting hours for help. The Baja 1000 in Mexico is famous, attracting … Read more

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