The most common electric car problems, according to a roadside mechanic

Thankfully, the reasons why roadside assistance mechanics get callouts for electric cars are very minor – and easily fixed. As electric cars become more common on Australian roads, roadside technicians are experiencing a higher volume of callouts for electric and hybrid cars. RELATED: ‘Everything just fails’ – the cars that break down the most Philip … Read more

Master Toyota Mechanic Reveals Why The Fifth-Gen 4Runner Is So Reliable

Summary The Toyota 4Runner’s GR Series engine is reliable and powerful The 4Runner’s design has remained mostly unchanged since 2014 due to Toyota’s reluctance to alter its successful original design. The A750 five-speed automatic transmission in the 4Runner is rock-solid, offering smooth shifting and several advantages over transmissions with more gears. There are countless YouTube … Read more

Watch This Popular Mechanic Attempt To Bring A 1975 Bricklin SV-1 Back From The Dead

Key Takeaways The Canadian Bricklin SV-1, a rare sports car, is being restored by YouTuber DD Speed Shop despite its rough condition. The SV-1 had production problems and suffered from cracking bodywork, leading to its failure as a sports car. DD Speed Shop is working on repairing the SV-1’s exterior and engine to bring it … Read more

Mechanic Attempts To Resurrect Hummer H1 After It Takes Thousands Of Bullets

Key Takeaways The YouTubers fired several thousand rounds at a Hummer H1 to test its toughness and then attempted to revive it. The Hummer sustained significant damage, including blown-out radiators, gutted interior, and bullet holes in the seats and windows. Despite the damage, the team managed to get the Hummer running again and it will … Read more

Mechanic Gets 1969 Buick Skylark Back On The Road After Much Needed TLC

Key Takeaways The 1969 Buick Skylark is a forgotten muscle car that requires a lot of repairs and mechanical work. Issues with the car include problems with the alternator, brakes, ignition switch, carburetor, timing, and wiring. Despite its age and the amount of work needed, Brandon is determined to get the Buick Skylark back on … Read more

Mechanic Gets $500 Oldsmobile Back On The Road After 33 Years

Key Takeaways Dalton attempts to resurrect a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass purchased for $500 but faces numerous challenges including a missing radiator and rotted frame. After several attempts, Dalton gets the V8 engine running but encounters issues with sparking wires and a smoking engine. Dalton successfully replaces steering components and can drive the Cutlass, but ultimately … Read more

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