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How Lithium–Silicon Technology Breathes New Life Into Lithium-Ion Batteries

Solid-State Battery Concept

Summary Lithium-silicon batteries improve performance via silicon-anode integration, which boosts energy density by 20-40%. Group14’s SCC55 technology enhances lithium-ion batteries by controlling silicon swelling, reducing charge times and extending lifespan. SCC55 elevates traditional lithium-ion batteries and has a cost-effective scaling potential. With solid-state batteries just around the corner, as well as big strides being made … Read more

Explained: Solid-state Batteries vs Lithium-ion Batteries

Solid-State Battery Concept

Summary Solid-state batteries offer higher energy density, shorter manufacturing times, rapid charging capabilities, and a reduced risk of fires compared to lithium-ion batteries. They have the potential to revolutionize electric vehicle performance. However, solid-state batteries face challenges such as recycling difficulties, scarcity of key materials like lithium, and dendrite formation that can cause short circuits. … Read more

Sodium-ion Battery Is Shaping Up To Be A Viable Alternative To Lithium-ion Battery In EVs

The quest for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions has long driven innovation in energy storage technologies. Now, a significant leap forward has been made with the development of a new cathode material for sodium-ion batteries by researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. This breakthrough offers a glimpse into a future powered by sodium, a readily available … Read more

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