Cost of living crunch keeping car owners from switching to electric

[ad_1] Despite a number of new, cheaper models being available, potential buyers are holding back as they feel the pinch. High cost of living pressures are stopping more Aussies buying an electric vehicle (EV) as their next car – despite an increase in affordable models hitting the market, according to a leading industry body. In … Read more

The Struggle Porsche Faces With Keeping The V-8 Engine Alive

2022 Lexus LC Coupe

[ad_1] Summary Porsche commits to maintaining its V-8 engine beyond 2030, navigating regulations with adjustments. Euro 7 emissions regulations pose challenges for automakers in preserving emotional connections to classic engines like the V-8. Porsche seeks to strike a balance between classic V-8 engines and innovative EVs in future models. Porsche has officially announced that its … Read more

Why Toyota Is Hellbent On Keeping The Hydrogen-powered Mirai Alive Despite Its Poor Sales

2022 Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered GR Yaris Engine

[ad_1] Summary Toyota is determined to sell 200,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles annually by 2030, despite low sales and limited infrastructure. Toyota is expanding its hydrogen portfolio with partnerships and plans to establish a Hydrogen Factory in Europe. Hydrogen-powered vehicles offer advantages such as reduced weight, faster refueling times, higher payload capacity, and adaptability in different environments … Read more

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