This New EV Can Be The Electric Kawasaki Ninja’s Kryptonite

Ferrari Electric Motorcycle Render (6)

Summary VMoto Stash targets the small-capacity EV segment with 20 horsepower and over 100 miles of range. The Stash boasts modern components like LED lights, TFT instrument cluster, and has a unique design. Despite not being available in America yet, VMoto offers a strong price in Britain. VMoto is a 25-year-old Australian bikemaker, primarily known … Read more

10 Outdated Motorcycles Still On Sale In America

Like any other industry, motorcycle companies need constant progression to stay relevant in the market. Some bikemakers have figured this out, while some stay oblivious and continue to sell outdated products to us. For example, most European bikemakers consistently update their products biennially (on average) and make sure the updated models reach all markets soon. … Read more

10 Most Powerful Automatic Transmission Motorcycles You Can Buy In 2024

Africa Twin CRF1100L

The automatic transmission is often written off by enthusiasts, but people have spoken with their wallets and proven that there is certainly a place for it. Even if we are not particularly fond of them, it is still important to acknowledge the progress that has been made in terms of technology. Honda is the motorcycle … Read more

10 Fast Sports Bikes Worth More Than A Sports Car

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10RR Winter Test Edition

We love motorcycles. Not just because of the freedom they represent, but also because they’re a cheap way of getting a massive hit of adrenaline. And getting an equally quick car is an investment that costs many times as much. But things have been changing in recent years and the prices of bikes rising. Today, … Read more

The fastest mid-capacity sports bikes of 2024

Two Ducati Panigale V4 R side by side on a test track

Middleweight sports bikes exist in a sweet, Goldilocks zone. They’re not too heavy, don’t cost an arm and a leg, and can be surprisingly usable on the streets. They’re also deceptively fast. Sure, liter bikes are known for dominating the racetrack. But every single time they approach a corner, a fast rider on a middleweight … Read more

The Secrets Behind The Kawasaki Ninja H2’s Powerful Engine

Shot of Ninja H2R Speeding on a Winding Road

Summary Kawasaki revolutionized the motorcycle world with the Ninja H2 by creating a supercharged engine with unprecedented power and performance. The innovative centrifugal supercharger was developed in-house, showcasing Kawasaki’s technological prowess and expertise. The Ninja H2 not only reflects technological excellence but also benefits from collaborative efforts within the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Group. Motorcycle enthusiasts … Read more

Honda’s Newest CBR Is The Perfect Nemesis Of The Kawasaki Ninja 500

Summary Honda’s latest CBR400R has been updated for 2024. It has a 399cc, twin-cylinder engine, which is a re-tuned version of the CBR500’s mill. Despite its sleek design and impressive specs, the CBR400R is unlikely to hit American shores, focusing on Japanese market needs. It’s a new day, it’s a new motorcycle. Meet the updated … Read more

10 Used Motorcycles With Great Resale Value


Nowadays, there are many options available if you want a reputable used motorcycle. This includes a broad range of bikes that are fun, easy to ride, good-looking, great handling, and sufficiently powerful. A brand-new motorcycle might have a unique charm, but realistic riders also think about the long-term cost; welcome to the world of motorcycle … Read more

10 Most Powerful Dirt Bikes In 2024

350 EXC-F

Dirt bikes are an altogether different breed from your usual two-wheelers. These bikes are not about visual esthetics, fancy tech, or any kind of sophistication. Rather, they call for pure skill and adrenaline-pumping performance in terrains where other category bikes will never dare to go. Aggressively running on gravel, ravaging muddy fields with sheer dominance, … Read more

Kawasaki’s Ridge Sport Utility Lineup Has More Power, More Torque, And HVAC

2023 Can-am Spyder RT Green Shadow

Summary 2024 Kawasaki Ridge Limited combines utility features with comfort and technology. HVAC system ensures comfort in any weather. High-end features like a winch and navigation system. Ridge Limited has a 999cc DOHC 16V inline-4 engine, providing 92 HP and 66 LB-FT of torque. Smooth and powerful performance with excellent handling and off-road credentials. The … Read more

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