Japan’s First Supercar Wouldn’t Have Happened Without Yamaha. Here’s Why

Red 1967 Toyota 2000 GT

[ad_1] Summary The Toyota 2000GT is Japan’s first supercar, winning the title over the Nissan Skyline GT-R due to its superior technology and design. Yamaha played a crucial role in the development of the 2000GT, collaborating with Toyota to craft its body panels and tuning its engine for optimal performance. Despite its racing success and … Read more

How Yamaha Helped Develop Japan’s First Ever Supercar

Silver Toyota GR Supra

[ad_1] Summary Yamaha and Toyota engineers collaborated to design the 1969 Toyota 2000GT, Japan’s first supercar. The 2000GT was built by hand at Yamaha’s facility, showcasing Toyota’s technical prowess. The 2000GT set world records and achieved racing success, but its high production costs limited its sales, making it a rare and valuable collectible today. In … Read more

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