15 Hybrid Vehicles That Offer Incredible Fuel Efficiency

Toyota Prius Prime

The automotive industry is rapidly driving toward full electrification behind government mandates, emissions regulations, and consumer desires. While many of the new models making their debuts over the past few years have been all-electric offerings, there are still plenty of great hybrid cars available. These models offer an amalgamation of some of the best characteristics … Read more

10 Incredible Muscle Motorcycles That Dominate The Road

What exactly are muscle motorcycles? The term is a bit vague and hard to describe, but essentially, it is any motorcycle that features a large engine and a single focus: acceleration. This is why most muscle motorcycles are cruisers, or as some would like to call them, power cruisers. But call them what you must, … Read more

10 Incredible Facts About Indian Motorcycles You Probably Didn’t Know.

Summary Indian is America’s first motorcycle manufacturer and has a deep-rooted history in American culture, including its contribution to the world wars. Indian produced the first V-twin engine in America and even dabbled in producing inline-four motorcycles. Indian has a rich racing heritage, winning various races and championships throughout its history, including recent victories in … Read more

The Story Behind The Incredible 1,300-HP Time Attack Chevrolet Corvette

Key Takeaways Feras Qartoumy’s C6 Chevrolet Corvette is a constantly evolving race car that has seen success in various racing series, including time trial-style competition. The Corvette has achieved global time attack success, competing in events like the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia, where it won in its class in 2023. Qartoumy is focusing … Read more

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