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Someone imported this seemingly ordinary Toyota all the way from Japan

Imported Toyotas aren’t new in Australia, but this C-HR has been brought 8000km from home and looks like nothing else available. Here at Drive, we love finding a genuine odd car for sale and wondering ‘How did this car get here?’ and ‘What’s the story behind it?’. Enter this 2017 Toyota C-HR – currently advertised … Read more

A Highly Sought-After JDM Tuner Car That Can Finally Be Imported Into The United States

White Nissan Silvia S15

Summary The 25-year ban on importing the Nissan Silvia S15 has been lifted in the US, allowing North American enthusiasts to finally get behind the wheel of this iconic JDM car. The Silvia S15 is highly sought-after due to its impact on pop culture, excellent performance abilities, and versatility in tuning and customization. The Silvia … Read more

Someone imported a Holden Cruze to the UK from Australia, and it’s for sale

A growing number of Australian cars are finding their way to the UK. But among the V8-powered muscle utes is an oddity: a humble 1.4-litre Holden Cruze hatchback. View 5 images Australian muscle cars are becoming a more common sight on UK classified websites as V8 Holdens and Fords make their way to the other side … Read more

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