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What’s the difference between a freeway and a highway?

[ad_1] Australia has both freeways and highways stretching across the entire country, but how can drivers tell the difference? According to the 2023 Australian Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics (BITRE) Statistics Yearbook, Australia’s total estimated paved road length was 427,000km in 2022. Of that 427,000km of paved road, just 3301km of it is … Read more

Driver caught driving without tyre, sparking grass fires along highway

[ad_1] Police said the offender was arrested and charged with multiple offences relating to reckless driving and the use of an unroadworthy car. View 2 images File photo. Credit: Brett Hemmings/Getty Images. A 27-year-old man has been charged with multiple offences after he was allegedly seen driving a vehicle without a tyre, creating sparks from the … Read more

Last Holden Commodore V8 highway patrol sedan in NSW hands in its stripes

[ad_1] This is the last Australian-made sedan on the NSW highway patrol fleet to hand in its stripes – and will now be used for public displays only. View 2 images The last operational V8 Holden Commodore SS highway-patrol car in New South Wales to hand in its stripes has been retired from regular duty more … Read more

Victoria’s final Holden Commodore highway patrol car heads to iconic museum

[ad_1] Once a part of Victoria Police’s Highway Patrol in Melbourne, the last Holden Commodore SS to be retired from the fleet now has a special place in an important collection. View 1 images The last V8-powered Holden Commodore to be retired from Victoria Police’s Highway Patrol fleet has found a new home at a museum … Read more

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