10 Hydrogen-powered Cars That You Might Not Have Heard Of

Hyperion XP-1 in action

[ad_1] Hydrogen has made a comeback in recent years as a fuel source for motor vehicles. This is largely because of a worldwide push by governments and automakers to move away from fossil fuels and towards low or zero-emissions solutions. Hydrogen stacks up pretty well against battery electric vehicles as a green solution. First, it … Read more

10 Rare Pickup Truck Models You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Gray Legacy Classic Trucks 4-Door Power Wagon

[ad_1] Pickup trucks have always been the quintessential American automotive segment. From being the go-to vehicle for farmers and ranchers to becoming a rugged and versatile, off-road ready machine, pickup trucks are as important a part of American culture as muscle cars. Interestingly, the first pickup truck was the 1925 Ford Model T Runabout with … Read more

The Flame-Throwing Mid-Engined Porsche Most People Haven’t Heard Of

Auto Union P52-1

[ad_1] Summary Vern Schuppan fulfilled his dream of creating his own car, the Porsche Schuppan 962 CR, a street-legal supercar. The Porsche Schuppan 962 CR was based on the Porsche 962 racing car and was produced between 1992 and 1994. Due to financial setbacks and the economic recession in 1992, only six units of the … Read more

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