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Proof That Toyota Has Been Working On Fuel-cell Technology For 30+ Years

Blue 2022 Toyota Mirai

Since the early 90s, Japanese auto brand Toyota has invested in clean energy for its vehicles and manufacturing. Because the history of Toyota’s involvement in fuel-cell development dates back as early as 1992, that makes 31+ years of testing, building, and cutting down on emissions. The brand has always been a pioneer in hybrid design, … Read more

What Honda And GM’s New Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Partnership Means For The EV Industry

GM-Honda Hydrogen Fuel Cell manufacturing unit

Hydrogen is the fuel that won’t go away. Despite pesky problems like a lack of distribution infrastructure, customer wariness, range limitations, and the need for large fuel tanks that have a way of eating into the car’s interior space, the auto industry keeps throwing money into the gas. While a few companies have attempted to … Read more

Porsche still considering hydrogen fuel-cell technology – report

Its parent company may have ruled-out hydrogen, but a new trademark application by Porsche shows the company is still exploring its potential. View 1 images Despite pursuing synthetic fuels and electric vehicles as an alternative to petrol and diesel, German sports-car company Porsche appears to be keeping the door open for a hydrogen fuel-cell future. As … Read more

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