Suzuki X-90: ‘The worst car of the 1990s’ | Drive Flashback

The brochure boasted of such safety features as “three-point seatbelts, side impact protection, head restraints”, all of course the bare minimum required by law. By the same logic, luxury equipment included doors, seats, a steering wheel … Today, the X-90 has its devotees, those charmed by its unusual styling, T-Top open-air roof, and reasonable off-road … Read more

Is this Holden’s worst ever car? | Drive Flashback

Today the Piazza enjoys a small but devoted following. Unsurprisingly, good clean examples are hard to find. And yet, despite that scarcity, prices remain within reach. In 2021, Collecting Cars auctioned an original 1986 Piazza XE with 107,000km on the odometer for what we reckon is a bit of a bargain at $12,610. Rob Margeit … Read more

How many cupholders are too many? | Drive Flashback

But, as prevalent as cupholders have become, there’s one vehicle that represents what can only be labelled ‘peak cupholder’. Meet the Subaru Ascent, the Japanese brand’s US-market rival for big SUVs like the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade and Mazda CX-90. With seating for eight, the Ascent, when it launched in 2018, was fitted with 19 … Read more

I accidentally bought a 1985 Ford Spectron | CarAdvice Flashback

Trent Nikolic didn’t mean to buy a 1985 Ford Spectron back in 2019, but as anyone who knows him can attest, when it comes to spectacularly unremarkable cars, he just can’t help himself. This series includes some of the greatest stories told by CarAdvice over the years. Here, we revisit the time Trent Nikolic accidentally … Read more

Hate for American pick-up trucks isn’t anything new | Drive Flashback

No longer the workhorse, more the urban combat vehicle, Ford’s super-selling pick-up truck was bought in lieu of a passenger car by an astonishing 160,000 Americans last year. To put those numbers into perspective, 160,000 car “defectors” to the F-150 represent the combined total of Falcon and Commodore sales in Australia. Rob Margeit is an … Read more

One carmaker dominated our top 10 cars of 1996 | Drive Flashback

To compile this list is very simple. Each of these cars, according to Drive’s staff, for what it’s worth, offer the best combination of quality, features, price, engineering, refinement, safety and potential resale value that your hard-earned cash can buy. Source link Related posts: The best (and worst) cars of 2004 | Drive Flashback Fastest … Read more

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