City council votes on higher parking fees for “idiot” SUV and ute owners

[ad_1] Despite having only a handful of Hummer SUVs and Ram pick-ups in the area, one council wants to discourage heavy passenger cars in the name of safety – unless they’re electric. View 3 images A Melbourne council has given its support for a proposal which could see owners of large SUVs and utes charged higher … Read more

Paris to triple parking fees for heavy SUVs, but efficient hybrids to be caught in firing line

[ad_1] A new law tripling parking fees in Paris for vehicles above set weight thresholds is intended to discourage SUVs – but will also penalise drivers of hybrid hatchbacks and sedans capable of zero-emissions driving. View 4 images Paris is set to triple parking fees for heavy cars – charging up to €225 ($AU370) for a … Read more

The truth about subscription fees in your vehicle

[ad_1] There’s been a lot of to-do about the fact that General Motors is phasing out Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in favor of a native navigation system, which will eventually be accompanied by subscription fees. But here’s the thing, this is the way all automakers (including Tesla) are moving. Yes, there’s a free trial … Read more

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