End Of An Era: Goodbye, Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Summary The Fat Bob offers excellent performance, agility, and design that will be sorely missed. Harley-Davidson is discontinuing the Fat Bob 114 in America in 2024. There is hope Harley-Davidson will release an even better version of the Fat Bob in the future. There are very few Harley-Davidsons that balance all the aspects that make … Read more

How Toyota And Lexus Are Planning To ‘Save The Manuals’ In The EV Era

Silver Porsche Carrera GT

Summary The manual transmission is facing challenges in the electric era, as EVs offer a fundamentally different driving experience. Toyota and Lexus are actively exploring ways to reimagine the manual transmission for the electric age, offering hope for its survival. Lexus is pioneering a simulated manual transmission system in the Lexus UX300e prototype, while Toyota … Read more

Chrysler Takes A Plunge Into The Electric Era With This EV Concept

White Chrysler Airflow concept

Chrysler, which belongs to the portfolio of brands offered by Stellantis, has announced the upcoming reveal of a new, “innovative” electric concept car. The new electric concept car is to offer a glimpse into the brand’s path towards an all-electric future. The big reveal will come alongside the release of the first of three teaser … Read more

Here’s How The RS6 E-Tron Will Keep Audi’s Wagon Legacy Alive In The EV Era

When the beloved gas-powered Audi RS6 in its original form left the market in 2010, a little bit of Audi’s wagon reputation left with it. But the love for the All-American station wagon isn’t entirely gone. In 2021, Audi came out with the RS6 Avant in an attempt to carry on the original car’s legacy. … Read more

Dodge Durango SRT 392 AlcHEMI Bids Farewell to the V8 Era

The time has come: Dodge is slowly phasing out its legendary V8 HEMI engine production for the Dodge Durango, with 2024 marking the final calendar year. So what better way to go out than with a badass special edition? Enter the 2024 Dodge Durango SRT 392 AlcHEMI, a standout among the “Last Call” series commemorating … Read more

Wagons not dead in the electric-car era, Audi A6 E-Tron spy photos show

The station wagon will survive the switch to electric cars – including at Audi – as car makers look for the most aerodynamic body styles to chase every last kilometre of driving range. Electric Cars View 13 images View 13 images PreviousNext The Audi A6 Avant E-Tron – the name for the wagon version of the upcoming … Read more

Unveiling A New Era Of Minivan Excellence

The 2025 Toyota Sienna is a minivan manufactured by Toyota, a well-known Japanese automotive manufacturer. Known for its practicality, comfort, and reliability, the Sienna will be a popular choice for families and individuals alike. Those looking for a versatile vehicle for daily commutes, road trips, and a variety of activities. It will be known for … Read more

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