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Can keyless entry cars be stolen more easily? Yes – here’s how.

[ad_1] Onboard diagnostics (OBD) ports are found in all modern cars and are commonly used for vehicle diagnostics and repair. However, “if an attacker gains physical access to it, they could manipulate the car’s systems, disable alarms, or start the engine,” a spokesperson for Aus Security Products told Drive. Ethan Cardinal graduated with a Journalism … Read more

Can electric cars be hacked more easily than other cars?

[ad_1] Because EV chargers create a two-way connection, they open up yet another potential avenue for attackers to target electric cars. Especially when charging can involve communication between the charger, the vehicle, the driver’s phone, the charger management system, the payment gateway and the electricity grid. [ad_2] Source link Related posts: The electric 4×4 cars … Read more

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