10 American Celebrities That Dominate The Road In Pickup Trucks

For a red carpet event, A-list celebrities’ ride of choice is a limo, and all other times they are usually tooling around in European exotics or high-end luxury sedans. There are, however, some big-time stars who enjoy the humble honesty of a good old American pick-up truck. Granted, multi-millionaires don’t generally drive a beat-up 2001 … Read more

Here’s Proof That Toyota Still Believes EVs Won’t Dominate The Future

Supersonic Red bZ4X Limited AWD front-quarter

Summary Toyota Chairman Akio Toyoda believes that electric vehicles will only make up 30% of the global market share, with the remaining 70% consisting of hybrids, fuel cell vehicles (FCEVs), and hydrogen engines. Toyoda emphasizes that full electrification is not feasible everywhere, as there are still one billion people around the world living in areas … Read more

10 Incredible Muscle Motorcycles That Dominate The Road

What exactly are muscle motorcycles? The term is a bit vague and hard to describe, but essentially, it is any motorcycle that features a large engine and a single focus: acceleration. This is why most muscle motorcycles are cruisers, or as some would like to call them, power cruisers. But call them what you must, … Read more

Electric vehicles dominate New Zealand new car sales

Electric vehicles outsold all others in New Zealand last month as the government rebate scheme ended. View 2 images For the first time more than half of all new vehicles sold in New Zealand in a calendar month were electric. According to website EVDB.co.nz, battery-electric and hybrid electric vehicles made up 50.8 per cent of December 2023 … Read more

10 Modern Ducati Motorcycles That Dominate Every Segment

In the world of motorcycles, there are only two types of riders out there. First, the Ducatistis (proud owners of Ducati bikes) and non-Ducati owners, who are married to other manufacturers’ bikes but have an indomitable wish to lay their hands on a Ducati. While the hefty price tag of these bikes is heartbreaking for … Read more

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