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The Electric Vehicle That Depreciates The Least After 1 Year Of Ownership

Gray Tesla Model X front-quarter

Electric vehicles (EVs) are known to suffer from steep depreciation, as we’ve already talked about before, and hopefully heard by now. This is due to factors that concern the technology itself since EVs are still developing at a rapid pace. Just think of the smartphone when it first became popular, but now in 2024, the … Read more

This Is The Car That Depreciates The Most After 1 Year Of Ownership

EQS 580 City Edition parked

When purchasing a new car, one of the key long-term aspects buyers should consider is how well it can hold on to its value over time. While it’s not the first thing that’s regarded when looking for a new car, the depreciation can come back to bite you if the time comes when you want … Read more

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