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Here’s How Much Money An Electric Motorcycle Can Save You

BMW Vision DC Roadster Concept 1

Summary Electric motorcycles offer cost savings over gas-powered ones with lower fuel costs and minimal maintenance expenses. Maintenance savings of over $1,000 annually with fewer visits to the mechanic, no oil changes, and extended warranties. Governments provide tax breaks for electric motorcycle purchases, achieving long-term cost parity with gas bikes. The future of transportation is … Read more

10 Most Powerful 2024 Electric Sports Bikes Ranked By Power

Yellow Damon HyperSport Premier Superbike

Electricity is the fuel of the future when it comes to automobiles, but motorcycles are having a bit of a rough time adopting it because of how sensitive they are to additional weight compared to cars. It’s the fault of those heavy batteries and electric motors – so far, most electric bikes negate their fantastic … Read more

10 Fastest American Motorcycles In 2024


Historically, American motorcycle culture hasn’t been about aggressive riding or reaching 60 mph in a couple of seconds. Such craving for speed is more commonly associated with Italian and Japanese manufacturers. However, certain discrete efforts were documented, such as the Harley-Davidson V-R1000, Mission R, and Fischer MRX 650. These vehicles demonstrated some astounding top speeds, … Read more

Damon HyperSport Electric Motorcycle Just Matched Up With A 1000cc Superbike

Summary Damon HyperSport now has a new battery pack by Molicel. Test results show the HyperSport performing similarly to a 1,000cc petrol superbike in terms of acceleration and top speed. The HyperSport is priced starting from $19,000 and goes up to $40,000. There’s no denying the Damon HyperSport is one of the most hyped electric … Read more

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