Elon Musk denies ‘Full Self Driving’ system caused fatal crash of Tesla employee

The Tesla CEO claims the accident would have likely not have happened if the Model 3 was equipped with FSD system.  View 2 images Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken to X (formerly Twitter) to deny claims the company’s ‘Full Self Driving’ (FSD) semi-autonomous driving system was involved … Read more

The Real Takeaway From The Unofficial Tesla Cybertruck Crash Testing

With the new Cybertruck hitting the streets and making headlines, it’s worth mentioning its crash and safety performance (or lack thereof). There was a video shown officially by the brand during an X Tesla Cybertruck crash test event, although it didn’t show the aftermath. Through leaked videos on the internet, we’re able to see how … Read more

Here’s What The Tesla Cybertruck’s Crash Tests Reveal

The Tesla Cybertruck, with its unconventional design and bold claims of durability, has captured the imagination of the automotive world since its unveiling in 2019. Its sharp, stainless-steel body and sci-fi-inspired lines were a radical departure from the traditional pickup truck, sparking both excitement and skepticism. However, the Cybertruck’s journey has been far from smooth. … Read more

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