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Chrysler 300 SRT ute conversion revealed, set for limited production in the US

[ad_1] With a 6.4-litre V8 at the front, and ample load space in the rear, this conversion by a car-modification company is planned to go on sale in the US for $7000 – excluding installation. View 4 images A company in the US has unveiled a kit that turns a Chrysler 300 SRT sports sedan into … Read more

This Cheap ICE-to-EV Conversion Will Cost You Just $13,000

[ad_1] The allure of electric vehicles is undeniable: zero emissions, silent operation, and a futuristic driving experience. However, the hefty price tag of new EVs often presents a formidable barrier for many. Enter the intriguing world of conversion kits, promising to transform your trusty gasoline-powered car into a sleek, environmentally-friendly machine. One such company, e-REVOLT, … Read more

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