2024 Dacia Spring: Europe’s cheapest electric car updated

The €23,000 ($AU38,000) Dacia Spring electric car has been treated to an updated look, more interior technology and new safety features. But it is unclear if it will come to Australia. Electric Cars The Dacia Spring – the most affordable electric passenger vehicle in Europe, currently priced from €22,750 ($AU37,500) in Germany – has received … Read more

Real-world emissions testing exposes Australia’s cheapest car

The second lot of fuel consumption and emissions testing performed on Australian roads has confirmed many of the vehicles on sale today cannot meet their laboratory test results when driven in the real world. The latest results from the Real-World Testing Program – which assesses fuel consumption and emissions levels from cars driving on the … Read more

12 Cheapest EVs In 2024: Budget-Friendly Electric Car Prices

Not too long ago, battery electric vehicles were the definitive future of motoring. In the oil-is-murder society, the BEV was seen as a beacon of hope in the apocalyptic future of climate change. Back then, though, they were, at best, prototypes that weren’t commercially viable by any measure. After nearly two decades, the BEV has … Read more

10 Cheapest Electric Vehicles With Over 300 Miles Of Driving Range

Red Tesla Model 3 front-quarter

Electric vehicle prices were rising at a much higher rate in 2022, but there’s comforting news on the horizon. Experts predict that battery-powered cars could become more affordable sooner due to the increasing competition within the EV industry, declining raw material prices, improved technology, and encouraging government incentives. Nevertheless, the issue of purchasing power remains … Read more

10 Cheapest Dirt Bikes On The Market in 2024


The off-road motorcycle segment has experienced rapid growth in recent years. As per Statista, the off-road motorcycle market is expected to achieve US$8.50 billion in worldwide revenue in 2024 only. From this forecast, it is clear that people are getting more interested in off-road adventure and sports. The king of off-road motorcycling is the dirt … Read more

The Cheapest Ford Electric Cars, Trucks, And SUVs For 2024

Blue, Gray and Red Ford Mustang Mach 1

Ford has emerged as an EV underdog in the past few years, releasing models ranging in price, specs, and overall performance ability. Up until now, the brand sees itself slowly growing its electric powertrain options, with SUVs, trucks, and even work vehicles now swapping out gasoline for charging systems. For 2024, though, it’s worth mentioning … Read more

The Cheapest Hyundai Electric Cars And SUVs For 2024

Hyundai Ioniq 6 Best Electric Car 2024

As the world moves into 2024, environmental regulations are becoming stricter, prompting brands like Hyundai to rise to the occasion. Hyundai’s 2024 electric lineup offers a range of all-electric driving options, of all price ranges. These options are the 2024 Kona Electric, the 2024 Ioniq 5, and the 2024 Ioniq 6. The cheapest 2024 Hyundai … Read more

Cheapest Electric Cars With More Than 200 Miles Of Range

BMW i7

When driving an electric vehicle, the confidence that you’ll make it to your destination without running out of power can’t be overemphasized. A range of at least 200 miles is necessary to alleviate those fears of whether electric vehicles can make long trips and distance drives. In addition to this, fast charging ensures that drivers … Read more

The Cheapest Nissan Electric Cars And SUVs For 2024

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV front

Nissan has come a long way in its EV journey, from the trailblazing Tama, Prairie Joy, and Hypermini models, to producing one of the first mass-market, mass-produced 100-percent EVs, the Leaf. Evidently, it’s unsurprising that Nissan is on track to become the first automaker to launch EVs with solid-state batteries, not forgetting the preview of … Read more

Electric vehicle servicing costs – from the cheapest to most expensive

If you’re thinking about switching to electric, here is your guide on how much it costs to service every EV available in Australia. Buying an electric car for the first time can raise all kinds of questions. How do you charge it? How much range does it have? What is ‘regenerative braking’? What does this … Read more

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