The Real Reason Teslas Don’t Have Apple CarPlay And Android Auto

Gray Tesla Model 3 front tracking

[ad_1] Tesla’s decision to exclude Apple CarPlay and Android Auto from its vehicles has sparked conversation among consumers. Some Tesla owners favor the company’s built-in infotainment system, citing its unique features and close integration with the vehicle’s technology. Additionally, Tesla’s infotainment system offers functionalities that parallel many features found in CarPlay and Android Auto. On … Read more

Which cars still don’t have Apple CarPlay in 2024?

[ad_1] Apple CarPlay has become a staple for in-car entertainment systems. However, there are still a few models that don’t offer it as standard. Apple CarPlay has been an excellent addition to the automotive landscape, offering drivers a solution for safely using their iPhones while driving. Able to provide seamless integration of your iPhone’s maps … Read more

2024 Nissan Patrol finally adds Apple CarPlay, Android Auto in Australia

[ad_1] Australia’s Nissan Patrol has finally gained Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity from the showroom nearly five years after it was introduced overseas – but it’s not fitted on the production line in Japan. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto have finally been added to the 2024 Nissan Patrol in Australia five years after the … Read more

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