Watch This Popular Mechanic Attempt To Bring A 1975 Bricklin SV-1 Back From The Dead

Key Takeaways The Canadian Bricklin SV-1, a rare sports car, is being restored by YouTuber DD Speed Shop despite its rough condition. The SV-1 had production problems and suffered from cracking bodywork, leading to its failure as a sports car. DD Speed Shop is working on repairing the SV-1’s exterior and engine to bring it … Read more

Mechanic Attempts To Resurrect Hummer H1 After It Takes Thousands Of Bullets

Key Takeaways The YouTubers fired several thousand rounds at a Hummer H1 to test its toughness and then attempted to revive it. The Hummer sustained significant damage, including blown-out radiators, gutted interior, and bullet holes in the seats and windows. Despite the damage, the team managed to get the Hummer running again and it will … Read more

Here’s What Made Richard Hammond Buy Another Opel To Match His Famous Top Gear Car

Key Takeaways Richard Hammond has restored and unveiled a new car, Olivia, at the CarFest event this year in the UK. Olivia is a 1962 Opel Kadett ‘A’ and will become a partner car for Hammond’s other classic car, Oliver. Hammond is considering options for Olivia, including leaving it as is, turning it into a … Read more

How This Jaguar XJ220 Was Lost In An An Ostrich Shed

Key Takeaways The rare Jaguar XJ220, one of only 200 produced, was discovered in an ostrich shed after being deemed unusable following a racing series. Don Law Racing acquired six of the XJ220 racers and successfully restored them to their original condition for road use. The XJ220 received a fresh black paint job and original … Read more

What It’s Like Working For An Automotive YouTuber

Key Takeaways TJ Hunt’s crew member, Anthony, takes over the YouTube channel and documents what it’s like to work for a popular automotive YouTuber. Anthony starts his day with a gym session and drives a Tesla Model 3 Performance to TJ Hunt’s workshop. Anthony shares his love for the Toyota Supra, plans to get an … Read more

Why This 1946 Chrysler Town and Country Is Now Worth Half Of What It Was

Key Takeaways Antique cars, like this 1946 Chrysler Town and Country, are losing value due to declining interest from younger generations and a smaller dedicated fan base. The classic car market is softening, with auction prices and sell-through rates declining steadily. The persistently high inflation and interest rate hikes have led to a lack of … Read more

10 Reliable Used Cars You Can Buy For $6,000 Or Less

Car prices have increased a lot over the years, and even the cheapest used cars have climbed in value. Reliability is a common concern among buyers in the market for a cheap second-hand car, but shopping for the right models and best years can be the difference when searching for a reliable car. This can … Read more

The Story Behind The Incredible 1,300-HP Time Attack Chevrolet Corvette

Key Takeaways Feras Qartoumy’s C6 Chevrolet Corvette is a constantly evolving race car that has seen success in various racing series, including time trial-style competition. The Corvette has achieved global time attack success, competing in events like the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia, where it won in its class in 2023. Qartoumy is focusing … Read more

Auto Detailers Doubt Their Ability To Bring Back Abandoned Barn Find Mercedes 300TD

Key Takeaways WD Detailing rescues a deteriorated Mercedes 300 TD from being crushed, showcasing their expertise in restoring barn finds The cleaning process reveals interesting badges on the car and the challenges they faced in removing the seats and cleaning the interior. Several rodent nests needed to be removed but the end result is a … Read more

Find Out Why Doug DeMuro Took His Million Dollar Supercars To The Race Track

Key Takeaways Doug DeMuro and friends attempt to set quick lap times on a track while avoiding damage to their cars, including a Porsche Carrera GT. The Lamborghini Murcielago’s size and weight make it unlikely to achieve a sub-2 minute lap time. The Porsche Boxster Spyder 981 is the fastest car of the day, proving … Read more

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