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The Secrets Behind Mazda’s Bullet-Proof Reliability

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[ad_1] Summary Mazda’s commitment to Monotsukuri philosophy ensures in-house production and specialization, resulting in top reliability ratings and unique car designs. The brand’s iconic rotary engine cars and dedication to craftsmanship through Takumi artisans showcase Mazda’s emphasis on quality and innovation. With a focus on lightweight design strategies like the Gram Strategy and transitioning towards … Read more

Here’s How Tesla Manufactures The Cybertruck’s ‘Bulletproof’ Doors

[ad_1] Ever since being introduced in 2019, the Tesla Cybertruck hasn’t ceased to generate intrigue. After all, how could it not, with such a polarizing design choice that stands out from anything you’ve ever seen, and specs that rival those of gas-powered sports cars? Heck, it even made our list of vehicles that we would … Read more

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