Twin Chilly Chevy Camaro Barn Finds Need More Than A Thaw

Key Takeaways These 1967 and 1968 Chevrolet Camaros were left abandoned for 18 months on a farm. The 1967 Camaro is in better condition and more original compared to the heavily modified 1968 Camaro. There are enough new parts to reassemble both cars, but the 1968 Camaro’s condition and previous work done on it is … Read more

Mechanic Gets $500 Oldsmobile Back On The Road After 33 Years

Key Takeaways Dalton attempts to resurrect a 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass purchased for $500 but faces numerous challenges including a missing radiator and rotted frame. After several attempts, Dalton gets the V8 engine running but encounters issues with sparking wires and a smoking engine. Dalton successfully replaces steering components and can drive the Cutlass, but ultimately … Read more

We Went To The Garage Of Supposedly Abandoned Cars In Tokyo To Find The Truth

Key Takeaways Abandoned cars in Japan are a growing problem causing space and unpaid parking bills. Removing abandoned cars is legally complicated and can involve lengthy and costly legal processes. Not all cars in supposed “abandoned” supercar parking lots are actually abandoned, with most being in pristine condition. It all starts roughly the same. A … Read more

Auto Detailers Doubt Their Ability To Bring Back Abandoned Barn Find Mercedes 300TD

Key Takeaways WD Detailing rescues a deteriorated Mercedes 300 TD from being crushed, showcasing their expertise in restoring barn finds The cleaning process reveals interesting badges on the car and the challenges they faced in removing the seats and cleaning the interior. Several rodent nests needed to be removed but the end result is a … Read more

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