How Subaru’s New Ignition Technology Could Keep The Combustion Engine Alive

Silver Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept

With the automotive landscape shifting toward clean energy and less waste, combustion engines are edging closer and closer to the chopping block. Hybrids and EVs offer more benefits with regard to reduced emissions, reduced fuel costs, and less demanding internal power operations. Simply put, clean energy is becoming a larger part of society, it’s revolutionizing … Read more

The Struggle Porsche Faces With Keeping The V-8 Engine Alive

2022 Lexus LC Coupe

Summary Porsche commits to maintaining its V-8 engine beyond 2030, navigating regulations with adjustments. Euro 7 emissions regulations pose challenges for automakers in preserving emotional connections to classic engines like the V-8. Porsche seeks to strike a balance between classic V-8 engines and innovative EVs in future models. Porsche has officially announced that its robust … Read more

Next BMW M3 to keep petrol alive alongside electric power, report claims

It was previously expected the new BMW M3 and M4 would go electric-only – but a new report has claimed the sedan will keep twin-turbo six-cylinder power alive as an option. View 5 images The next-generation BMW M4 will reportedly drop its petrol engine in favour of battery power – but buyers of the BMW M3 … Read more

Why Toyota Is Hellbent On Keeping The Hydrogen-powered Mirai Alive Despite Its Poor Sales

2022 Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered GR Yaris Engine

Summary Toyota is determined to sell 200,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles annually by 2030, despite low sales and limited infrastructure. Toyota is expanding its hydrogen portfolio with partnerships and plans to establish a Hydrogen Factory in Europe. Hydrogen-powered vehicles offer advantages such as reduced weight, faster refueling times, higher payload capacity, and adaptability in different environments compared … Read more

Ford keeps Australian hopes alive for Maverick small pick-up

A new Australian trademark application from Ford has again raised questions about whether the Maverick ute is being considered for a local release. View 3 images Ford has filed a local trademark application for the Maverick – the name of the company’s popular small pick-up sold in North America. However, Ford had previously trademarked the Maverick … Read more

Here’s How The RS6 E-Tron Will Keep Audi’s Wagon Legacy Alive In The EV Era

When the beloved gas-powered Audi RS6 in its original form left the market in 2010, a little bit of Audi’s wagon reputation left with it. But the love for the All-American station wagon isn’t entirely gone. In 2021, Audi came out with the RS6 Avant in an attempt to carry on the original car’s legacy. … Read more

BMW to keep the manual transmission alive due to global demand

Strong demand for manual transmissions in BMW’s performance M models means the German car maker won’t drop the option of a three-pedal just yet. View 3 images Amid a near-universal move away from manual transmissions within the car industry, BMW says it will keep its three-pedal options alive for now – or at least until demand … Read more

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