Our Exclusive Ford GN34 Concept Render Previews What An ’80s Supercar Would Look Like Today

[ad_1] Ford’s lost supercar, the GN34, roars back to life in our stunning modern rendering. In automotive history, certain vehicles hold a special place. Not just for their performance or aesthetics, but for the stories they embody. Tales of ambition, innovation, and sometimes, unfulfilled potential. The Ford GN34 is one such car. Conceived in the … Read more

10 Fastest 80s Motorcycles That Still Pack A Punch

[ad_1] By the 1980s, the Japanese influence on sports motorcycles that had started in 1969 with the Honda CB750 was in full swing and the definition of the sports bike had developed out of all recognition of anything that had been before. While the market was dominated by the big four Japanese manufacturers, the Germans, … Read more

The Real Reason The Honda CB750 Was A Popular Motorcycle In The 70s and 80s

[ad_1] Summary The Honda CB750 was a game-changer in the motorcycle industry, with its revolutionary inline-four engine and exceptional performance. The CB750’s reliability set it apart from other motorcycles of the time, attracting seasoned riders and building trust among newcomers. Despite its affordability, the CB750 exceeded expectations with its innovative design, including the introduction of … Read more

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