Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Trims, Pricing, And Tech Compared

White Mercedes AMG GT 4 Door

[ad_1] Summary AMG transforms regular Mercedes models into powerful machines, with the GT 4-Door now leading the fast family car pack. The AMG GT 4-Door boasts a beautiful design, luxurious interior, and advanced technology for a comfortable cruising experience. Available in five trims, the GT 4-Door lineup features powerful engines, with the GT63S E-Performance topping … Read more

Get It Before Its Gone: The Value Packed 4-Door Sports Car

Blue 2021 Jaguar XF

[ad_1] Summary The automotive market is shifting towards more efficient power options, like hybrid power and small turbocharged engines, to meet consumer demands for economy and value. The rise of crossovers continues to dominate the market, with SUVs offering the desired qualities of size, economy, power, and price range for buyers. Nissan’s discontinuation of the … Read more

2024 Jeep Wrangler 4-door Rubicon 4xe drips elegance in ‘Earl’ paint

[ad_1] The first-ever Jeep Wrangler 4xe has received a mid-life facelift for the 2024 model year, and this updated version has arrived at U.S. dealerships. It’s still exclusively a four-door plug-in hybrid SUV, and it’s available in Sport S (new), Willys, Sahara, Rubicon, High Altitude, and Rubicon X (new) trims. I saw the 2024 Jeep … Read more

Story Behind The Ultra-Rare HEMI-Powered 4-Door Mopar Classic

Orange Ball-Stud HEMI Engine

[ad_1] Summary Dropping a Hemi engine in a four-door car like the 1966 Dodge Coronet can transform it into a powerful track terror, turning a family sedan into a street racer’s dream. Only five four-door 1966 Coronets were equipped with a 426 Hemi engine, making them extremely rare and highly sought-after in the collector’s market. … Read more

The Model That Gave Birth To The 4-Door Coupe Segment

[ad_1] Summary The 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLS was a groundbreaking vehicle that introduced the concept of a “four-door coupe” and set the standard for sleek and sporty sedan designs. Despite its stylish design, the CLS sacrificed practicality compared to the E-Class on which it was based, with less headroom, rear visibility, and seating capacity. The CLS’s … Read more

The Story Behind The Ultra-Rare 4-Door C3 Corvette And Why It Exists

[ad_1] Summary A four-door Chevrolet Corvette is an unconventional and seemingly impossible concept, but it was actually a real project sanctioned by General Motors in 1980. The four-door Corvette, known as the Corvette America, was built by California Custom Coach and only a handful of examples were ever produced. Despite its unconventional design, it actually … Read more

The 1999 Charger R/T Concept’s Role In Defining The Modern-Day 4-Door Sedan From Dodge

[ad_1] Summary The 2006 Dodge Charger with four doors reshaped the perception of what a muscle car and family sedan could be The Dodge Charger R/T concept in 1999 was the inspiration for the modern four-door Charger, and while it didn’t enter production, it had a major impact on the future of the Charger nameplate. … Read more

When Lamborghini Almost Built A 4-Door Sedan

[ad_1] Summary The Lamborghini Estoque, a sleek luxury sedan, would have been a formidable rival to the Porsche Panamera, thanks to its universally loved design and elegant proportions. The Estoque had a gorgeous interior that paved the way for the cockpit design of the Lamborghini Aventador, showcasing Lamborghini’s attention to detail and stylish craftsmanship. Although … Read more

10 4-Door Sports Cars You Can Get For Under $10,000, Ranked By Top Speed

[ad_1] It’s a tough truth to swallow, but $10,000 doesn’t buy as much cars as it did even just three years ago. With inflation and the popularity of classic sports cars exploding, it’s becoming harder to find sports cars on a budget. Just take a look at some of the legendary JDM models and the … Read more

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