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This Exemplary Electric Motorcycle Company Just Went Bankrupt


  • Arc Motorcycles has filed for bankruptcy due to distribution issues in the US and European homologation delays.
  • Even with high-quality components like a unique carbon fiber chassis and powerful motor, the $120,000 Arc Vector faced niche buyer challenges.
  • CEO Mark Truman expressed disappointment in the situation, highlighting the struggle to secure investment despite personal efforts to save the company.

In the last couple of years, Coventry-based Arc Motorcycles has made all the right kind of noise. Its Vector electric motorcycle is arguably one of the most impressive offerings in the market, with unheard technologies and a premium customer base. But none of this has helped the British company stay afloat. That’s because the bikemaker has filed for bankruptcy and entered liquidation. Here’s all you need to know.

This Exemplary Electric Motorcycle Is Built ONLY For Americans

The uber-limited beast comes with truckloads of carbon fiber, superbike-like performance, and top-shelf components

Arc Motorcycles Files For Bankruptcy Over Dismal Sales And Distribution Issues

Arc Vector in Green Color Scheme
Arc Motorcycles

Arc Motorcycles first entered the business in 2020. In these years (with all the pandemic problems), the company managed to whip up a staggering electric motorcycle from the ground up, enter production, and even deliver 11 units. All of these bikes went to high-profile customers, one of them being American superstar Ryan Reynolds. That’s a pretty solid achievement, considering many much older EV brands have yet to enter production.

What went wrong, you ask? Distribution woes. The company couldn’t iron out the distribution in America, which hurt the overall revenue. It was also close to getting European homologation, but couldn’t get that done in time. Interestingly, Arc had previously received backing from the European government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Not to mention, the product itself caters to a very niche segment. It’s only a gorgeous poster bike for most of us, given the $120,000 price tag.

Arc Vector White Front Studio

It’s not the first time Arc’s been in this position either. Before Arc V Ltd. came to life, the company operated under the Arc Vehicle Ltd. name. It started in 2017 and went into administration (read bankruptcy) just two years later. Mark Truman bought back some assets to start the company we see today.

Founder And CEO Mark Truman Said:

Things had been going very well, but distribution issues in the US really hurt our revenue which forced us to seek investment. We’ve done everything we can to try to stop this situation. My wife and I were putting our own money in almost up to the last day, even though we pretty much were guaranteed that we weren’t going to see that money back again. It’s the worst, most brutal process, especially this second time around because you promised yourself it’d never happen again.

The Arc Vector Comes Armed With High-Quality Components From Head To Toe

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The over-$100,000 MSRP might give you an ick, but Arc ensured the Vector justified the money to an extent. Accordingly, the motorcycle hides a unique carbon fiber monocoque chassis, paired with dual swingarms. While the rear is conventional, the front is a hub-center-style setup inspired by Bimota. This is topped by top-shelf Ohlins shock absorbers, BST carbon fiber wheels, and Pirelli Rosso Corsa IV rubber.

As for numbers, you get a 399-volt electric motor. It’s good for 117 horsepower and 130 pound-feet to promise a 0-60 time of just 3.2 seconds. There’s also 270 miles of claimed range and an insanely fast 40-minute charge time. Wish you had $120,000, didn’t you?

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