New Chery hybrid SUV can drive from Sydney to Adelaide on one tank - SUV VEHICLE

New Chery hybrid SUV can drive from Sydney to Adelaide on one tank


Chinese SUV’s hybrid powertrain claims to deliver up to 1500km of range – enough to drive between major Australian capitals.

The petrol-electric Chery Exceed Sterra ET has been announced in China with a claimed range of up to 1500km, thanks to new battery technology from CATL.

Reports from CarNewsChina say the Exceed Sterra ET is the world’s first production vehicle to use new-generation lithium phosphate (LFP) technology from CATL, the world’s largest producer of batteries.

The technology endows the large SUV with the fuel touring distance to rival diesel-powered SUVs of a similar size – a major barrier for many electric and hybrid vehicle buyers in Australia. 

Built on Chery’s new E0X electric platform, the Exceed Sterra ET measures 4995mm long with a 3000mm wheelbase and 1995mm width.

That makes it similar in size to the Mazda CX-70 hybrid – set to arrive in Australia later this year – but smaller than Chery’s own Tiggo 8 SUV which is also scheduled to hit local showrooms in May 2024.

Yet to be confirmed for Australian showrooms, two versions of the Sterra will be offered in China, both using the new batteries: a battery-electric version as well as an ‘EREV’, which stands for ‘Extended Range Electric Vehicle’.

An EREV uses both a petrol engine and an electric motor, however, the petrol engine is used only to recharge the battery pack – not drive the wheels like in a conventional petrol-hybrid vehicle.

While the electric-only Sterra has a 400km range, the Sterra EREV has a claimed capability of 1500km before it needs to be refuelled.

That’s more than enough to travel from Sydney to Melbourne, and easily capable of the 1370km journey between Sydney and Adelaide.

For comparison, the current diesel-powered Toyota Prado has an on-paper range of 1898km between refuels – based on its official combined fuel figure of 7.9L/100km – when equipped with the larger 150L fuel tank.

That’s twice the size of the 75L tank in the Sterra, meaning half the fill-up cost for more than half of the Prado’s mileage.

It means the Sterra’s fuel economy equates to 5.0L/100km, close to the much smaller Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SUV – the best-selling hybrid in Australia in 2023 – with a claim of 4.8L/100km.

The Chery SUV uses a 1.5L four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing 195kW/324N to charge a 32kWh battery pack, with 400-volt technology driving two electric motors.

Under electric power alone, the Sterra ET can travel up to 200km according to Chery.

Battery maker CATL produced one in three of the world’s battery supply in 2023 and recently played down claims made by Japanese car maker Toyota of new generation ‘solid state’ batteries offering a 1200km range for electric vehicles.

Chinese car maker BYD is the second-largest battery supplier behind CATL and also recently unveiled its second-generation ‘Blade’ battery technology with the promise of 1000km range on a single charge. 

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