2024 Shelby Super Snake Is An 830-Horsepower Birthday Cake For The Ford Mustang - SUV VEHICLE

2024 Shelby Super Snake Is An 830-Horsepower Birthday Cake For The Ford Mustang



  • Shelby American independently designed an 830+ hp Super Snake tribute for the Ford Mustang’s 60th anniversary.
  • The 2024 Super Snake offers customization, including two engine configurations and unique design elements.
  • Only 250 models will be produced, each documented in the official Shelby registry, with no pricing announced yet.

While Ford still hasn’t made any announcements about the return of the Shelby name for the current S650 Mustang, Shelby American, Carroll Shelby’s original company, took it upon itself to create a true next-generation Shelby Super Snake as a celebration for the Ford Mustang’s 60th anniversary.

Now this could get confusing for those not familiar with Shelby American. It doesn’t belong to Ford and has nothing to do with Dearborn, except for the fact that this Nevada-based company builds performance vehicles from existing Ford products under the carmaker’s approval.

Contrary to the Shelby trademark that Ford has been pasting on cars like the Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT500, all Shelby American products come from a standalone operation, similar to how Carroll Shelby did things in the early 1960s before partnering up with Ford. This 2024 Super Snake pays homage to the original Super Snake from 1967, powered by the GT40’s engine.

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2024 Shelby Super Snake: From 480 To 830+ Horsepower

2024 Shelby Super Snake Front Three Quarter 1 Topspeed
Shelby American

Only 250 examples of the 2024 Shelby Super Snake will be made available in the US during the first model year. Production will begin this summer and all examples will be documented in the official Shelby registry. Each car will come with Ford’s original 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. Buyers will be able to choose between a fastback or a convertible.

In its press release, Shelby American speaks of two different engine configurations based on the current Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter Coyote V8. Base cars come with the GT’s 480-horsepower, but with considerably different suspension tuning and improved stopping power.

Shelby American went as far as engineering a new aluminum hood and wider, carbon fiber front fenders, as well as magnesium wheels for reduced weight. Reworked front, side and rear lips, skirts and diffusers help improve downforce, as well as a carbon fiber tail wing.

We have an unwavering commitment to enthusiasts. With the Super Snake’s competition heritage, we knew it was critical to dial up a car that is enjoyable during daily commutes and deeply rewarding during spirited driving. While the styling inside and out is certainly handsome, functionality drove every decision. This car checks all the boxes. – Shelby American Vice President Vince La Violette.

Supercharged Coyote V8 And Six-Speed Manual Transmission

2024 Shelby Super Snake Driving Top Front Topspeed
Shelby American

Of course, the real star of the Super Snake lineup is the “830+” horsepower version. Such a number was achieved by bolting a Whipple supercharger to the Coyote V8. Shelby American doesn’t go into the specifics of the supercharger itself, nor how much torque this setup puts down, but it does mention that in order to achieve the 830 horsepower rating, the Super Snake must be fed 93 octane fuel.

2024 Shelby Super Snake Convertible Topspeed
Shelby American

Such power can be controlled via a ten-speed automatic transmission, or, believe it or not, a six-speed manual setup which, I must say, is both freaking cool and tremendously frightening.

2024 Shelby Super Snake Transmission Topspeed
Shelby American

Manual-equipped cars will be fitted with a short shifter with a Shelby ball knob, as well as a one-piece driveshaft. All cars come fitted with a Borla aftermarket exhaust system, while 830-hp models get performance half shafts and a Shelby-developed extreme cooling system by way of a re-engineered radiator and heat exchanger.

2024 Shelby Super Snake Driving Side 1 Topspeed
Shelby American

No pricing has yet been announced, but you can be damn sure that it won’t be cheap. In this age of electric vehicles (EVs) and disappearing V8s, the 2024 Shelby Super Snake is definitely a rare breed. Something tells me the 250 examples have already found owners.


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