The Lucid Air Breaches The 500-mile Range EPA-rating For The 2024 Model Year - SUV VEHICLE

The Lucid Air Breaches The 500-mile Range EPA-rating For The 2024 Model Year


Courtesy of some enhancements under the skin, the Lucid Air in the Grand Touring trim has become the longest-range EV currently on sale.


  • Lucid Air sets new standards with a 516-mile range, outperforming all other EVs on the market.
  • The Air’s impressive ratings come from enhancements in motor design, battery chemistry, and thermal characteristics.
  • Lucid offers the fastest EV charging system with a 900V+ architecture supporting up to 350 kW speeds.

Lucid Motors needs no introduction. Headed by Peter Rawlinson, the same gentleman who was the Chief Vehicle Engineer of the Tesla Model S, Lucid shook the luxury segment when it revealed its first EV, the Air. Lucid managed to get everything right in its first attempt, be it the aesthetics, interior, tech, or performance, which meant it put every single automaker out there on notice. EVs that favor performance usually lag behind in terms of range (and vice versa), but Lucid broke that myth when the Air secured a 516-mile range rating from EPA at a time when no production EV even breached the 400-mile mark.

Eventually, norms got stricter, but Lucid has once again crossed the EPA hurdles and secured a 516-mile range on its Grand Touring trim. This comes on behalf of some changes under the skin, and here’s what you should know.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Lucid Motors.

Model Overview
2024 Lucid Air: A Comprehensive Guide On Features, Specs, And Pricing

The Lucid Air is one of the most impressive all-electric cars on the market and this comprehensive guide dives into every little detail.

516 Miles Of Range Makes It The Longest-Range EV On Sale

Despite the EPA electric range test procedures becoming more challenging, Lucid procured a 516-mile rating from the agency, making the Air Grand Touring the longest-range EV currently on sale in the U.S. The automaker cites enhancements to the proprietary motor design, battery cell chemistry, and thermal characteristics as the reason for the impressive rating it received. Lucid has even equipped the Grand Touring with the Air Sapphire’s heat pump, thus making sure the range is not heavily compromised in extreme cold conditions.

2024 Lucid Air Specifications

Air Pure

Air Touring

Air Grand Touring

Air Sapphire


Single permanent-magnet motor

Dual permanent-magnet motors

Dual permanent-magnet motors

Dual permanent-magnet motors


430 HP

620 HP

819 HP

1,234 HP


406 LB-FT

885 LB-FT

885 LB-FT

1,430 LB-FT












88.0 kWh Net

92.0 kWh Net

112.0 kWh Net

118.0 kWh Net


419 Miles

411 Miles

516 Miles

427 Miles

Fuel Economy

137 MPGe

140 MPGe

131 MPGe

105 MPGe

0-60 MPH

4.5 Seconds

3.4 Seconds

3.0 Seconds

1.89 Seconds

Top Speed

124 MPH

140 MPH

168 MPH

205 MPH

Starting Price





(Data sourced from Lucid)

The automaker has mentioned that the Air now charges even faster – by about 15- to 30-percent. This is impressive because the Air features the fastest EV charging system available out there: a 900V+ architecture that supports up to 350 kW of charging speeds.


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