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Could Germany really ban driving on the weekend?


Drastic changes to Germany’s driving rules proposed to reign in transport emissions.

Germany’s Transport Minister has floated the idea of a weekend driving ban after the country failed to meet strict 2023 emissions targets.

However, critics have called out Volker Wissing for fear-mongering, and criticised the in-power government for failing to meet required targets.

Germany has been on a mission to reduce overall emissions by 65 per cent by 2030 when compared to 1990’s figures, and each passing year also features tightening targets as detailed by the country’s climate laws.

However, 2023’s transport sector results have fallen short of the mark of the legally-binding targets, leading to proposed emergency measures to reign in emissions.

In a letter seen by German news outlet Bild, Mr Wissing outlined that concessions will need to be made to the current laws lest a more drastic solution be introduced.

“The fact that the amendment is still not in force leads to considerable legal and factual uncertainties that serve neither the climate nor the reputation of the federal government,” he states.

“A corresponding reduction in traffic would only be possible through restrictive measure that are difficult to communicate to the population, such as comprehensive and indefinite driving bans on Saturdays and Sundays.”

However, opposition to the Transport Minister has labelled this proposed measure as reckless and false.

“A minster should not stoke up people’s concerns for no good reason,” said Julia Verlinden, Greens parliamentary group depute leader told German outlet DPA.

Also in a statement to DPA, Greenpeace spokesperson Clara Thompson said: “The transport minister is shamelessly and transparently trying to turn the possible consequences of his own failures into political pressure.”

Mr Wissing has been a vocal opponent of increased climate protection activity, according to overseas media.

In Australia, back in 2019, then Prime Minister Scott Morrison famously said the opposition’s proposed electric vehicle policy would “end the weekend” as adventurous four-wheel-drive vehicles and utes would be phased out.

Mr Morrison was accused of scare mongering with his comments.

Australia is also now on the cusp of introducing the New Vehicles Emissions Standards (NVES) from next year, which will set emissions targets for car makers as transportation transitions to an electric – or electrified – future.

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