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10 Mercedes-Maybach Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


There are probably very few car enthusiasts who haven’t at least once in their lives daydreamed about Mercedes-Benz‘s legendary Maybach – whether it’s sitting back in the executive lounges with a glass of champagne, or making some “modifications” and drifting around an abandoned industrial lot. When it comes to luxury and exclusivity, the Mercedes-Maybach is about as good as it gets, giving the lucky owners the culmination of a century of development and design, and the experience of a private jet on wheels.

The Mercedes-Maybach isn’t just luxurious and technologically advanced, it offers features you can only find in a Maybach, with some so impressive you’ll be surprised that cars are even that capable. While some cars are hailed as the ultimate driver’s car, the Mercedes-Maybach is the ultimate passenger’s car, intended for you to sit back and relax (or do business) while a chauffeur drives you around in absolute comfort. Today we’re going to dive into 10 of the things that cement it at the very top of its class and that can only be experienced in a Maybach.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from authoritative sources, including Gentleman’s Gazette, duPont Registry, and Mercedes-Maybach.

2024 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600: Germany’s Ultra-Luxe Bougie Swiss Army Knife

Yes, it makes for a fabulous snow-driving dance partner. Yes, its champagne cooler can keep meat products cold as well.

10 The Aesthetics

Luxury In The Form Of A Car

The 2023 Mercedes-Maybach S680 Haute Voiture

The crown jewel of the Mercedes-Benz lineup is a car whose name carries a big reputation, and it’s not difficult to spot a Maybach when you see one (if you’re lucky enough). The unique two-tone paint, the sleek and smooth lines, and the tasteful addition of chrome and gold highlights all leap out at you, oozing luxury and class. While the interior is obviously famous for being spacious (to say the least) and the ultimate in comfort, the exterior has not been overlooked.

All-New Night Series Package

  • Dark chrome.
  • Rose gold.
  • Natural wood herringbone trims.
  • Custom paint options.
  • Custom MBUX interface.

The all-new Night Series design package brings about a new era of style and extravagance for all three Mercedes-Maybach models, the S-Class, GLS, and the new all-electric EQS. The Night Series package adds eye-catching dark chrome, rose gold highlights, innovative dark glossy Maybach patterned wheels, and new options for the legendary two-tone paint Maybachs are known for.

The interior is given special treatment too, with herringbone accents, an exclusive Night Series MBUX interface, and an ambient light color palette. Each model offers its own unique touches that stand out, with paint options like Obsidian Black and Diamond White on offer for those who select the Night Series option.

9 Sustainable Interior

“Create the very best from the very best”

– Wilhelm Maybach, Founder

Maybach isn’t just about putting together the flashiest and most exclusive options in one sleek package; Mercedes strives to ensure that as much of their process as possible is sustainable and renewable, and with the interior they have gone above and beyond other manufacturers. The Maybach is the first Mercedes-Benz to offer exclusively vegetable-tanned Nappa leather and natural woods that have a very minimal impact on the environment.

Sustainable And Environmentally Friendly

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with coffee farmers to create a tanning process that uses coffee byproducts and chrome-free processing – an interesting choice for a car that heavily features chrome highlights. Interior carpets are made from a nylon product created from either recycled carpets or fishing nets, and metals used in Maybach models are secondary steel or recycled aluminum, meaning that CO2 emissions are halved per car – and by 2039 all new models will be net carbon-neutral over their life cycle.

8 Custom Colors And Designs

Over 18,000 Possible Configurations

Maybach 57, 62 and Landaulet

Part of owning a Maybach is the ability to select from a wide range of custom colors and materials for the interior and exterior, with plenty of premium and luxury trim options to make your Maybach exactly the car you want. As this is not a car you can just stop into a dealer and buy; the Maybach ordering process is an experience in itself.

Plenty Of Choices On Offer

  • 32 exterior colors.
  • 8 wheel options.
  • 12 colors and styles of Nappa leather.
  • 6 natural wood trims.
  • Over 18,000 variations.

Mercedes-Maybach has ensured that not only do you get the best materials, but a fantastic selection of options, and with 6,600 units sold internationally last year, there’s a good chance you could own a uniquely designed Maybach depending on your choices. This goes further with steering wheel options, including two-tone Nappa leather or heated wood and leather, a gold or platinum emblem package for the seats, and, for budget-conscious owners, very affordable $170 all-season rubber floor mats.

7 MBUX Interior Assist

Everything Right At Your Fingertips

Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach Interior

Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX multimedia slash AI assistant system is not exclusive to Maybach models, it can be found right across the range of Mercedes models and has been constantly upgraded with new features and capabilities. Maybach takes it up a notch by pairing the MBUX system with a range of advanced and helpful features that make traveling in a Maybach more comfortable and convenient.

MBUX At Its Very Best Iteration

  • Access everything via ‘zero layers’ tech – no menus or sub-menus.
  • Interior Assist learns from your body language and habits.
  • App selection adjusts based on location, time of day, and how often you need them.

Mercedes-Maybach takes the already incredible suite of MBUX tools and puts them not only right at your fingertips, but uses AI paired with interior cameras to detect your body and hand movements to learn how you use your Maybach features. Following Mercedes-Benz’s ‘zero layer’ technology to ensure you aren’t fumbling with menus and sub-menus to find the features you need, MBUX Interior Assist constantly adjusts what is available by learning what you need, and when you use it – that way you always have access to the features before you even reach for them.

6 Active Ambient Lighting

Tasteful Mood Lighting In 64 Flavors

2023 Mercedes-Benz S Class Maybach interior

While this a feature that is available in many of Mercedes-Benz’s models, like many of the Maybach features, it has been stepped up a notch. With 253 individually controlled LEDs, ambient lighting extends to the ceiling, envelops the rear seats, and gives passengers control over how much light and what mood they wish to experience as they lounge in their Maybach.

Lighting Is An Experience Of Its Own

  • 253 individually controlled LEDs.
  • 64 colors to select through MBUX.
  • Maybach-exclusive rose gold, amethyst glow.
  • Night Series exclusive colors available.

As expected, the Maybach’s features exclusive colors not found in any other model including rose gold and amethyst glow (just two of the 64 colors that can be selected through the MBUX system). Upgrade to the Night Series package and you get access to exclusive ambient lighting colors, all of which are selectable with ease via the MBUX system.

5 MBUX High-End Rear Seat Entertainment Plus

Twin Lounges Reminiscent Of A Private Jet

2022 Mercedes-Maybach S 680

One of the most renowned features of the Mercedes-Maybach range is the rear executive lounge seats, known as the MBUX High-End Rear Seat Entertainment Plus – quite a mouthful. These seats are what you would expect in an executive private jet or a fancy spa, not in the back seat of a car – and for people who wish to travel in comfort there’s no greater way.

Not Just Comfortable But Feature-Laden

  • Wood-trimmed console features a 10-liter refrigerator slash champagne chiller.
  • Includes a pair of bespoke silver champagne flutes hand-crafted by fifth-generation German silversmiths Robbe & Berking.
  • Wireless charging in the armrests.
  • Temperature-controlled cupholders – warming or cooling.
  • Electric stowaway compartments.

The seats are wrapped in exclusive Nappa leather with rose gold or platinum embossed Maybach emblems, and look as good as they feel – and as they are heated and ventilated, massaging and reclining for ultimate comfort, (the calf rests can massage as well), you’d be hard-pressed to find seats that feel better.

4 Automatic Opening And Closing Doors

Just A Wave Of The Hand Away

2024 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 Urban Night Shots (6)
Chris Chin / TopSpeed

Some high-end cars have doors that can open or close with the touch of a button, so passengers don’t have to reach or touch unsightly door handles like common folk, but Maybach takes this a step further (of course it does). Simply gesture the door to close and the Maybach’s internal cameras will detect your hand movement and close the door for you.

Maybach Doors Are At Another Level

  • Flush fitting door handles.
  • Electronically operated doors open with barely a touch even on gradients.
  • Touch button to open from inside.
  • Wave your hand at the opened door and it closes for you.

Similarly, if you go to reach for your seat belt, the belt extender will move towards your hand from behind the seat, saving you those awful moments of moving your arm slightly behind you. While it may seem like a strange feature to include, given the size of Maybach cars, being able to simply wave your door shut behind you could actually be one of those little features that become very useful over time (although if you’re getting driven by a chauffeur, they could just as easily close the door behind you).

3 The Many Impressive Little Touches

Stylish And Practical Features Galore

2024 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 Urban Night Shots (7)
Chris Chin / TopSpeed

Maybach does a lot of things very impressively, but it’s the multitude of little touches that bring it all together, taking the car to another level of convenience and comfort. Odometer digits change size and fade in and out dynamically as you accelerate or decelerate, giving them a more pleasant aesthetic for the driver. The speedometer and power gauge needles are designed to look like a silk scarf fluttering in the breeze and appear to move in the wind as you increase speed and change driving style.

Screens Everywhere You Need Them

  • 12.3-inch 3D digital instrument cluster.
  • 12.8-inch OLED touchscreen multimedia display.
  • Two 11.6-inch touchscreen displays behind the front seats.

Even the rear touchscreen displays are a nice touch, offering much more than the typical distraction from a long drive. With two 11.6-inch displays on the backrests of the front seats, they offer all the features of the larger 12.8-inch screen in the front – and also share the same MBUX system with all the bells and whistles with the MBUX Interior Assist and ‘zero-layer’ design, making their use even more convenient as you’re lounging in the executive seats.

2 Air Balance And Active Scenting

A Breath Of Fresh Air (Literally)

Mercedes-Benz GLS 600 Maybach Side Profile

One of the most impressive features of Mercedes-Maybach cars, and one that many will be surprised to discover, is the ability of the cars to balance and actively ‘scent’ the air. For anyone with allergies, this feature is going to seem like a godsend – the car is equipped with a range of HEPA and charcoal filters, and an ionizer to fully filter all particulates from the air.

Exclusive Maybach Scent Available, Agarwood ‘Mood’

  • Jasmine, Raspberry.
  • Ciste Labdanum, Incense, Sandalwood and Vanilla.
  • Musk, Patchouli, Vetiver, Benzoin, and Tonka Beans.

An electrical charge is applied to all particles coming through the filters which eliminates odor, and as a nice little Maybach bonus, there is a range of exclusive scents that the car can actively disperse to help set the mood. Gone are the days of gas station air fresheners, Maybach offers scents including sandalwood, spices, or the extremely rare and expensive Agarwood from which incense is created. With such clean, nice-smelling air inside Maybachs, you’ll be loath to step outside into the stink of “normal” air.

1 The Sound Experience

Proper Surround Sound And Real Noise Cancelling

Mercedes-Maybach EQS 680 SUV rear

If you’re looking to hear the roar of the big Maybach twin-turbo V-12 (if you select the S680), you’ll be sadly disappointed, as Mercedes has created an incredible noise-canceling system that will leave you wondering if the car is actually electric. Using external microphones and a range of sensors throughout the car, the Burmester speakers create the exact right low-frequency audio to counter the frequencies coming from outside, leaving you in comfortable silence as you travel.

Ultimate In Surround Sound

  • 30 speakers.
  • 4D spatial audio.
  • Low-end counter-frequencies to erase road noise.
  • Apple Music streaming.

If you opt for the all-electric Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV, the team has created a unique and exclusive driving sound to simulate the engine noise that you may otherwise wish to hear. Music is taken care of, with Burmester’s High-End 4D surround sound, featuring 30 speakers throughout the car, including in-seat resonators and ear-level speakers to discreetly guide the driver.


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