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The Longest Range Electric Motorcycle In The World



  • Electric motorcycles offer zero emissions and quick charging times, but battery range remains a major issue in the industry.
  • This cruiser model boasts a 410-mile range, fast charging capabilities, and impressive power output for electric bikes.
  • Evoke’s innovative technology and unique battery design make the 6061-GT a standout in the market, leading the way in the electric motorcycle industry.

Electric motorcycles are great – they’re quick, they have no oil changes, and their emissions are a big fat zero (at least when riding). However, battery technology remains a pain in the backside. You can have either the range of fossil fuel, or the performance, or in a unique case or two, both – but then you’ll have to plan fill-ups around a meal rather than the quick stop you’d otherwise have at a gas station.

But just like all things, the technology for electric vehicles is progressing rapidly, and the power density of batteries has been increasing while weight has been decreasing. We’ve had performances that can make the best ICE performers go green (with envy as well) and charge times (with the right quick chargers) that will allow you only a cup of coffee before you can get going. In this run for range, we’ve got a new champion today. This motorcycle is to electric motorcycle range what the Lightning LS-218 is to electric motorcycle performance. Its worst range at highway speeds is rated at over 200 miles – and its optimum range is well over twice that.

To ensure accuracy, the information compiled in this article was sourced from the manufacturers, as well as other authoritative sources such as Electrek and Visordown.

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What Is The Longest Range Electric Motorcycle?

Electric vehicles are special simply because their tech is progressing at such a rapid pace; it feels like the ICE arena lacks innovation in comparison. But that’s not entirely true, as internal combustion went through similar phases where the technology leaped forward. Electric vehicles are simply in such a phase right now through a combination of factors like awareness and the need to reduce carbon emissions. Evoke is one of the companies at the forefront of this development in the realm of two-wheelers.

A short history of Evoke before we dive into this specific model: it is a relatively new company, being officially founded a decade ago in Beijing, China. It is not just a motorcycle company; it is also a service provider for anyone who needs certain components for their electric vehicles. In much the same way that Yamaha is open to developing a transverse V8 for an automotive client like Volvo, Evoke will be happy to provide anyone with a range of modular Lithium-ion battery packs available with different voltages.

For its flagship product (the Evoke 6061-GT), the company has understandably chosen to fit its best batteries. As a refresher, its previous two models are city runabouts that are quite conventional in design – trellis frame, streetfighter styling, upright riding position – with the only hint of their EV nature being the hub motor in the rear wheel. But the 6061-GT stands out, whether it’s in terms of range, charging, or anything else.

What Makes The Evoke 6061-GT Special

Fun fact: the frame is unique among motorcycles

Black Evoke 6061-GT electric cruiser
Evoke Motorcycles

The 6061-GT takes all the conventions of its stablemates and throws it out the window. The format Evoke has chosen for it is a cruiser. Now, cruisers by definition are supposed to be comfortable for long hours in the saddle, which electric motorcycles can’t do due to their range limitations (not to mention the lack of fast-charging networks along a lot of the highways). However, with the 6061-GT’s range, Evoke feels it can choose this format and be successful at it. We are inclined to believe them.

The 6061-GT’s battery pack can top up in 30 minutes with fast charging. Want to go one better? Use ultra-fast DC charging, and you can be back on the road in as little as 15 minutes. Temperatures soar when charging this quickly (as you no doubt must have found out while quick-charging your phone), so it has a two-stage solid water-cooled system to keep the battery pack chill. For better efficiency, the electrical system on the 6061-GT runs at a max voltage of 336 Volts, and Evoke has ensured it has used more PCBs and fewer wires in its design.

Evoke 6061-GT electric cruiser
Evoke Motorcycles

This has been done for longevity – wires are generally the parts that degrade first and fail, so the logic was to minimize them to minimize failure points. Finally, the electric motors manage to transfer up to 94 percent of the energy they receive, which is always good news for both efficiency as well as performance (and range). All this results in 120 horsepower and 124-MPH top speed, while the 29.7 kWh battery packs a maximum range of 410 miles. Yes, 410 miles!

In keeping with its high-tech brief, the 6061-GT is connected to the Internet of Things and receives updates over the air. You can also connect with the motorcycle via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and check on various parameters like battery health, charging, and features. The chassis, meanwhile, is unlike any other motorcycle we’ve seen so far. It is almost like a car monocoque, but encloses the battery pack almost entirely. Evoke calls it the ‘Twin Plate Exo-frame’. A side benefit of this chassis is that it helps protect the battery in case of an impact.

Evoke 6061-GT Key Specifications

Max Range

410 Miles


120 HP


163 LB-FT

Top Speed

124 MPH limited

Battery pack capacity

29.7 kWh

Should Other Manufacturers Be Afraid?

Not-so-fun fact: Deliveries haven’t begun yet

Evoke 6061-GT electric cruiser
Evoke Motorcycles

Both yes and no. The Evoke 6061-GT is a very different product, so it doesn’t tread on any toes in its own space just yet, other than the possible exception of the Livewire One since its similar price point (yes, we know the One is not a cruiser, but we’re talking about price rivalry). Should Evoke put this battery pack and range into other products that are identical to the competition, then there is cause for concern. The other two products that Evoke offers are conventional city-biased naked motorcycles compared to the 6061-GT. The latter being a halo model, the company pulled out all the stops and put a premium price tag on it. We can expect the tech to filter down eventually, but right now is a different matter.

Nobody should be panicking about being blown into the weeds by Evoke at this point in time, since the numbers that the company claims are just that – claims – with no independent verification yet. Also, there is battery tech waiting to hit the market that will make figures like this commonplace. Evoke has also yet to start deliveries in the US market, committing to April of this year to begin deliveries, but the good news is that it does have a dealer network and is actively looking to expand it. California would be the logical choice to start its expansion since it has its new vehicle zero emissions target just over a decade away.

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Another factor is the fact that Evoke also provides batteries as an energy solution provider. So ideally, another company could just purchase Evoke’s batteries and increase their product’s range such that it is similar to the 6061-GT’s. Whatever the case may be, exciting times lie ahead as electric vehicles catch up to fossil-fuel-powered ones, and the latter clean up their act enough to remain relevant as long as legislation allows them to.


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