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Say Hello To Harley-Davidson’s New Airbag Technology



  • The Harley-Davidson Smart Vest is based on the Dainese D-air airbag vest, combining style with safety.
  • The airbag vest instantly deploys on impact using advanced technology, offering protection equivalent to 7 back protectors.
  • Designed for cruiser riders, the Smart Vest is comfortable, stylish, and comes in various sizes at an MSRP of $850.

Airbags have been around for a couple of years, but they’re yet to become mainstream, especially for cruiser riders. We won’t blame cruiser owners here; most airbag vests look too sporty and don’t fit the ideal cruiser aesthetic (read: black and leather). But that’s about to change, all thanks to Harley-Davidson. The bikemaker has unveiled a Smart Vest, which combines Harley style with one of the safest airbag techs on the market.

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As Safe As Seven Level-1 Back Protectors COMBINED

Harley-Davidson Smart Vest

While you may see Harley-Davidson branding on the Smart Vest, it is based on the popular Dainese D-air airbag vest. This product is backed by over 30 years of research and testing by the best of the best: MotoGP riders. Today, this is one of the best-selling airbag vests on the market. And those who have used it, swear by it, so you know Harley isn’t messing around here.

This airbag vest is designed to deploy instantly on impact, protecting you during common motorcycle accidents where you come off the bike. It does so with the help of an ECU that uses a gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS to collect data 1,000 times per second. This data is then compared to a predefined database and run through a sophisticated algorithm.

When it detects a crash, the airbag is deployed instantly, covering your chest and central back. Dainese says the airbag vest is as safe as seven Level-1 back protectors combined! The Smart Vest is a street vest, so it is designed to activate when it senses the vibration of your engine (it won’t be a problem on a Harley) or if your speed exceeds 6.2 MPH.

Comfort And Style Of A Traditional Leather Vest

Harley-Davidson Smart Vest

Since the Smart Vest is designed for cruiser riders specifically, it is also focused on comfort and style. For starters, the airbag vest has a battery life of up to 26 hours and can be charged with a common USB plug. You can also visit a select authorized Harley-Davidson dealer to get the two gas generators replaced if the vest is deployed. There is also an indicator light that reports the status of the jacket.

The vest’s shell is perforated cowhide leather, so it will look the part at a Harley meet. It’s also got stretch panels on the side for better comfort, along with zippered hand warmer pockets. On the back, there are 3M Scotchlite Black Carbon reflective panels for improved visibility, along with embossed H-D branding on the back shoulders. Harley says you can wear the vest under or over your riding jacket. You’ll have to leave 2 inches of space if you’re following the former.

Harley-Davidson Smart Vest Comes In Many Sizes

MSRP: $850

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You can get this jacket from an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer or the official website. It’s available for men (S to 2XL) and women (XS to 2XL). At $850, this is an expensive piece of riding gear, so you will need to budget things out a bit. Safe to say it’s still a few more years before airbag vests become accessible to everyone. Still, it would be a great addition to your riding kit.


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