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Ram 1500 Warlock Pricing And What You Get For The Money



  • The 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock offers powerful engine options for high towing capacities and off-road adventures.
  • Enhancements include off-road features, extra inch in ride height, upgraded shocks, and beefed-up exterior features.
  • The Ram 1500 Warlock starts at $43,635, features a solid fuel economy, and has a good reliability rating from Repair Pal.

If you are looking to buy a pickup truck in 2024, chances are you have looked at the lineups of Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Toyota, and Nissan. All produce some of the best pickup trucks on the market for off-road adventures, towing capabilities, reliability, usability, and sheer ruggedness. Another leading automaker to produce some of the finest pickups, such as the almighty 2500 TRX, the 1500, and the 3500 is Ram. Known for their sturdiness, reliability, and raw power, Ram is one of the leading truck producers and for years, Ram and the other automakers mentioned, have been battling it out to be top of the trucks. Chances are, if you have owned a pickup before in America, it will have been made by one of these manufacturers.

This year, though, you may be looking for something a little different. Something with a bit more going for it compared to the base model offered by your favorite truck producer. Something like the 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock. We have gathered information from a range of sources to bring you the specifications, running costs, enhanced capabilities, what that extra bit of money gets you, and reasons why buying a 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock may be a good idea for your trucking needs.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Ram’s website and other authoritative sources, including Repair Pal, Car Edge, and Fuel Economy.gov.

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A Real Hard-Working Ram Pickup

If there is one thing that is important when buying a new pickup truck, besides reliability, it is what engine features in it. You want to make sure it is up to the job for whatever you want to use your truck for. Depending on whether you want an engine that produces a load of torque, you could check out used pickups that feature a V-8, or if you want a more fuel-conscious powertrain, you could check out hybrid pickups with the highest driving range. Regardless of whether you need a truck for towing, hauling, off-roading, or just for daily commuter use, it has to be right.

The 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock adds more grit and enhanced capabilities to the 2024 Ram 1500 Classic and boasts a choice of two mighty powertrains which can produce some serious power and towing credentials. One engine does cost more than the other, but we will cover that a little bit further down.

Warlock Powertrain Options

The two powertrain options for the 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock are a mild-hybrid 3.6-liter V-6 or a monstrous Hemi V-8 powerhouse. Both are reasonably powerful powertrains which feature variable valve timing, and both allow for a different style of driving or use. The Hemi, as you can see, is much more powerful, and even though there have been no credible 0-60 MPH times published yet, it will be the quicker of the two.


3.6-Liter VVT V-6 Mild-Hybrid

5.7-Liter Hemi VVT V-8


Eight-Speed Automatic

Eight-Speed Automatic


305 Horsepower

395 Horsepower


269 LB-FT

410 LB-FT


Front-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive

Front-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive

Payload Capacity

1,690 LBS


0-60 MPH



Top Speed



(Data was collected from Ram)

Warlock Towing Capacities

If there is one thing that most of the best pickups are good for, it is towing, so you may want to buy a pickup for its high towing capacity. The 2024 1500 Warlock model, which features a 3.6-liter V-6 as standard, is no exception and can reportedly tow a huge 10,600 LBS. That is more than the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado and is over double the 5,000 LBS of what the 2024 Toyota 4Runner can tow. The available Hemi V-8 can tow up to a mammoth 12,750 LBS though, so if you are looking to tow big, the optional engine change would be recommended.

The base trim of the 2024 Ram 1500 Tradesman can tow a respectable 10,520 LBS, but the Warlock pips it to the post with that extra 80 LBS. That means that one more large truck-wheel can be towed with the standard-engined Warlock alone, even more so with the optional Hemi.

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Some Serious Off-Road Credentials

2024 Ram 1500 Classic in blue Towing trailer carrying buggy

It is not just the added ability that the Warlock can achieve, but also features that help to create a real off-road beast. If you are a fan of hitting the trails and fancy a bit of off-road competition, the 2024 Ram 1500 Classic may be enough as standard, but if you want to really hit the tough terrain hard, the 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock may just be worth looking at.

Beefed-Up Exterior Features

As standard on the 2024 Ram 1500 is a very capable off-road beast with features that include air suspension when a crew cab is fitted, Select-Speed control, which helps to maintain safe speeds over tricky terrain, a high-strength steel frame, and electronic stability control.

If you were to upgrade to the Warlock for that extra bit of money, you’d have all of these features plus an electronic rear-locking differential, an extra inch in ride height, skid plates, tuned Bilstein rear and front shocks, and 33-inch Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires. That is all standard out of the factory and before adding the optional Warlock All-Terrain package which includes 17-inch matte black aluminum wheels, a center hub, and rear and front rubber floor mats made by Mopar. It is clear that Ram has designed the Warlock with off-roading capability in mind.

Lavish Interior Design

Like all modern cars and pickups, the interior has to be up to scratch as well. You don’t want to be out on the trails whilst your pickup handles the bumps and you don’t. Bucket seats that offer more comfort are an optional extra in the 2024 Warlock, but you do get a cloth 40/20/40 bench seat, with seating for up to 6 people overall, a 5-inch touchscreen display (can be upgraded), clear instrument cluster, smartphone connectivity, a driver-centric cabin layout, steering-wheel controls, and a decent sound system (which can also be upgraded) as standard.

Though maybe to the techy standards as some top-of-the-range electric cars on the market in 2024, there are a lot of features included in the 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock that not only make it a comfortable place to be with 41 inches of front legroom and 41 inches of front headroom, but a convenient one too. Additionally, you can stay connected with your truck through Ram’s app.

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What The Warlock Costs To Buy

2024 Ram 1500 Classic in black Posing on town street

With the rising cost of most other things in our lives, knowing the cost of the Warlock is likely to be high on your priority list. The 2024 Ram 1500 Tradesman has an MSRP of $41,950 if you opt for front-wheel drive with a quad cab and a 6-foot-4-inch box. The price, including four-wheel drive, goes up to $45,800, or an estimated $777 per month to finance.

The 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock, on the other hand, has an MSRP of $43,635, if you opt for front-wheel drive, a quad cab, and a 6-foot-4-inch box. The MSRP goes up to $47,485 if you opt for the more desirable four-wheel drive. That is an estimated monthly finance payment of $801 over 60 months. If you want to upgrade the powertrain to the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8, you will have to pay an extra $2,545 on top.

2024 Ram 1500 Warlock Configurations And Prices

There are two Warlock cab and bed configurations you can choose from, and two driveline options to choose from.

Quad-Cab & 6FT 4″ Bed

Quad-Cab & 6Ft 4″ Bed

Crew-Cab & 5FT 7″ Bed

Crew-Cab & 5FT 7″ Bed


Front-Wheel Drive

Four-Wheel Drive

Front-Wheel Drive

Four-Wheel Drive

Starting MSRP





(Data was collected from Ram)

Optional extras like a trailer brake controller will cost you an extra $295, a power sunroof will cost you an extra $1,095, an upgrade to the 9-speaker Alpine system will cost an extra $495, an upgrade to a Uconnect 4C NAV 8.4-inch touchscreen available will cost an extra $795, and premium cloth bucket seats will cost an extra $1,295. There are lots of available packages and extras available for the Ram Warlock that can drive up the price, but of course, it is all personal preference.

What The Warlock Costs To Run

According to Fuel Economy.gov, the 2024 Ram 1500, which features a 3.6-liter powertrain and four-wheel drive, can achieve a combined MPG rating of 21 MPG, whilst if you choose the Hemi V-8, it can achieve a combined MPG of 19 MPG. The estimated driving range from one tank of gas is estimated to be between 483 and 546 miles. That means that the average cost to fill the tank is between $78 and $88, and the estimated average annual fuel cost for the 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock is $2,400.

According to Car Edge, the Ram 1500 depreciated on average by $17,698 over 5 years and will cost on average $9,074 in maintenance over 10 years of ownership which is slightly higher than the average full-size pickup, whilst Repair Pal rates the Ram 1500 3.5 out of 5 stars for reliability. The probability of the Ram 1500 needing a repair for something severe is 13%, which is lower than the average full-sized truck, and the average yearly repair bill is $691. Which, again, is lower than the average full-sized pickup.

Why To Consider The Ram 1500 Warlock

If the base trim of the 2024 Ram 1500 Classic seems ample to you for what you need from a pickup truck, then that is what you should go for. But, if you are looking for something a little bit special with enhanced off-road features that can be really thrown around the rocky terrain, then the 2024 Ram 1500 Warlock that features the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 would be worth looking at.

Ram is also installing confidence in the Ram 1500 Warlock by also offering a 100,000-mile rust-through warranty, a 60,000-mile powertrain option, and a 60,000-mile roadside assistance warranty. The Warlock looks built to last as possibly one of Ram’s remaining gas-powered pickups, though that isn’t to say that we aren’t looking forward to taking a ride in the electric pickup segment’s newest contender, the Ram Revolution EV.


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