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This Supercharged Suzuki B-King Makes The Kawasaki Z H2 Look Vanilla



  • TTS has souped up a Suzuki B-King to make it more powerful than the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R, reaching 317 horsepower at the wheel.
  • The Rotrex C30-94 supercharger, lowered compression ratio, and ECU remap upgrade the B-King without affecting its appearance.

If you want your motorcycle to produce crazy performance figures, superchargers make for a great aftermarket upgrade. They quadruple your bike’s output (when paired with the right mods), offer instant performance, and don’t burn an unfixable hole in your pocket. TTS Performance is a flagbearer of the same, and it constantly treats us with stunning, massively powerful supercharged beasts. Doing that once again, the UK-based shop has now souped up a Suzuki B-King. While already a beast in stock form, the upgrades make it more powerful than the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R. The Z H2 doesn’t even come close, meanwhile!

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The Supercharged Suzuki B-King Has Over 310 Horsepower At The Wheel

Suzuki B-King TTS Performance 1
TTS Performance

As mentioned, the B-King was already a beastly motorcycle in stock form. It employed a Hayabusa-derived 1,340cc, inline-four engine, re-tuned to produce ~183 horsepower and 108 pound-feet. This output made it one of the most powerful naked bikes in 2008; you might call it the hyper-naked before hyped-naked bikes became a thing. According to Motorcyclist Magazine, the King could do a standing quarter-mile in just 10.1 seconds–identical to the latest-gen Hayabusa!

As impressive as that may be, TTS’ B-King takes the performance to a whole another level. It produces an insane 317 horsepower on the dyno, roughly equivalent to 348 ponies at the crank (accounting for 10 percent in losses). This is an output that makes the naked more powerful than the most powerful production superbike out there – the Kawasaki Ninja H2 R. And yes, the H2 is also supercharged, so it’s an almost apples-to-apples comparison.


Suzuki B-King (stock)

Suzuki B-King (TTS Performance)


1,340cc, inline-four

1,340cc, inline-four, supercharged


180 horsepower (at the crank)

317 horsepower (at the wheel)


108 pound-feet

170 pound-feet




The Suzuki B-King Is Armed With A Rotrex Supercharger

Coming to the upgrades, TTS Performance has plonked Rotrex’s new C30-94 counterclockwise supercharger here. It’s mounted on the left side of the engine while being covered in a CNC-machined guard. A bespoke intercooler and a plenum chamber round off the supercharger assembly.

This aside, an uprated fuel pump, a lowered compression ratio, and an ECU remap are all part of the upgrades. All of it is done in a way that the B-King looks as normal as ever. So in a quick look, you might not even know it’s supercharged. You’ll know when it screams past you at illegal speeds, though.

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Intrigued by all of it? Then, you’d be happy to know TTS sells the supercharger kit worldwide. You can place your order via the website (linked below) and get it installed by a trusty mechanic. Or TTS will do it for you if you visit its facility in the UK. The kit costs ~$5,600 and comes with all necessary parts including:

  • Rotrex C30 supercharger
  • CNC belt guard
  • Powerdyne belt
  • Intercooler
  • Air filter
  • Oil reservoir
  • Fuel pump
  • All necessary hoses and brackets
  • Fuel pump
  • TTS ECU base map
  • Fitting manual

Source: TTS Performance


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