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The Most Affordable Dual-Sport Motorcycle To Conquer Every Terrain



  • Dual-sport bikes are fun and versatile, perfect for off-roading and beginners due to light engines and maneuverability.
  • The CSC TT250 offers the best value in the market, with customization options and necessary features at an affordable price point.
  • Built on a practical frame, the CSC TT250 boasts a 230cc engine, functional design, and an incredibly low price.

Despite being primarily made for off-roading, dual-sport bikes are fun and versatile, while being a terrific match for nearly all riding types and environments. Due to their light engines and increased maneuverability, they are an excellent option for those looking to get started with off-road capable bikes.

Likewise, they are a great choice for beginner riders, but that doesn’t imply that they are more sluggish or less capable than regular bikes. On the contrary, there are a handful of incredibly strong dual-sport motorcycles that can destroy other, more powerful bike types under the correct circumstances and with the skillful handling of a seasoned rider.

Of course, such motorcycles come at a price. But what if we said you could enjoy all those dual-sport capabilities on a shoestring budget? Before you call us cuckoo, allow us to introduce the CSC TT250. It’s one of the most affordable motorcycles available on the market and the cheapest, capable dual-sport in America. To make sure this story stays true to its name, we did our homework and went through every possible dual-sport available on the market in America from every possible manufacturer. But nothing came close to the kind of value this bike provides, as you’ll see below. Yes, we know the trusty Honda XR150 is a great option too, but hey, we’re talking about utter value here.

In order to give you the most up-to-date information possible, the data used to complete this article was sourced directly from the manufacturer’s website alongside authoritative sites.

Every Honda Dual Sport Bike, Ranked By Power

The Japanese manufacturer has options from as low as 150cc right up to the 650cc category.

Who Are CSC Motorcycles?

About The Brand

CSC, short for California Scooter Company, is a motorcycle dealership located in… you guessed it, California. They have been in the business for over 30 years, and they happen to be the exclusive importer and distributor of some of the most affordable motorcycles in the US. The brand provides bikes owners can easily personalize and spend time on, which explains CSC’s extensive inventory of components and accessories.

“From day one, our mission has been to provide a great riding experience, regardless of experience at a great value. All of our motorcycles have been developed to maximize time on the seat, ease of maintenance and at a great price.”

Their range majorly focuses on small-displacement motorcycles, all manufactured in China originally by a manufacturer by the name of Zongshen. Apparently, the Chinese manufacturer produces more motorcycles in a year than the total number of bikes sold in the United States. The origin of CSC’s motorcycles explains how the brand is able to keep the costs at a minimum, challenging some of the big manufacturers at their own game.

Customers may customize their own motorcycle using CSC’s in-store and online comprehensive instructions, which cater to their individual needs and tastes. It is refreshing to see that CSC Motorcycles is setting the standard for motorcycle purchasing in the years to come. It is simple, inexpensive, and practical as it gives you the ability to personalize your motorcycle and get premium features for less money.

  • RX3 Adventure
  • RX4 Adventure
  • RZ3S Haylon naked bike
  • TT250 Enduro
  • SG250 San Gabriel
  • SG400 San Gabriel
  • Wiz electric Scooter
  • Monterey electric scooter
  • City Slicker electric motorcycle

The CSC TT250 Has A 230cc Engine

Based On A 1975 Patent-Expired Honda Design

CSC Motorcycles

The engine is centered on a patent-expired Honda design from 1975 although Zongshen adds its unique touch to it. The 230cc counterbalanced electric-start engine of the CSC TT250 is fed by a Keima slide-style carburetor. If you’re wondering who Keima is, it is a Chinese company that manufactures fuel-injection systems and carburetors for motorbikes and cars.

As for the performance, it produces 16 horsepower at 7,000 RPM, but reaching that high of a rev count would require a lot of effort on your part. The tachometer’s redline is 10,000 RPM, for your reference. This output seems enough to stay ahead of the crowd in city traffic, but you’ll need to use the throttle quite aggressively. Since the peak speed on flat ground is just approximately 60 MPH, you should avoid the freeway unless absolutely necessary.

Engine Specifications

Engine Type

Single cylinder, 4 stroke, air-cooled



Bore x Stroke

67 mm x 65 mm

Compression Ratio


Power Output

16.1 horsepower at 7,000 RPM

Torque Output

13.5 pound-feet at 5,500 RPM


5 Speed, constant mesh

Honda’s New Adventure Bike Is The Perfect Kawasaki Versys 300 Rival

While we continue to get the outdated CB500X, other markets are enjoying much more capable bikes like the Sahara 300 discussed here

CSC TT250’s Design And Features

Nothing Fancy, Yet Everything Functional

CSC Motorcycles

Coming to the build, it is based on a tubular steel frame that looks like it can take a beating. You have an inverted 48 mm front fork with adjustable damping that offers 6.2 inches of travel for front suspension duties. At the rear, you get a monoshock with a preload adjustment and 6.5 inches of travel. When its 2.9-gallon gasoline tank is full, the 250 weighs around 309 pounds, which should make it rather maneuverable in urban areas. The light handling is further enhanced by the dual-sport tires on 21-/18-inch rims. Sure, a novice rider may find the 34-inch seat height uncomfortable, but you’ll be happy to hear that CSC has an optional contoured seat 2.25 inches lower than the stock.

As for the tech, there isn’t much on offer; what can you expect for a dual sport that costs pennies anyway? But you won’t feel anything is missing either. Its dash is fairly adequate and there is a tiny LCD panel both compact and readable. There’s no clock, but you do get a useful fuel gauge, gear position indication, and trip meter. The ignition module, which conceals the keyhole with a locking mechanism, appears to be taken directly from a scooter. Additionally, on the opposite side of the rear subframe, close to the toolkit — yes, a toolkit — you get a helmet lock.



Tubular Steel

Front Suspension; Travel

48 mm Inverted Telescopic; 6.2 inches

Rear Suspension; Travel

Monoshock with preload adjustment; 6.5 inches

Front Brake

265 mm single Disc

Rear Brake

220 mm single Disc

Ground Clearance

11.5 inches


55 inches

Seat Height

34 inches

Fuel Capacity

2.9 gallons

Curb Weight

309 pounds

The CSC TT250 Is Priced At $2,495

It Costs Peanuts… Almost

CSC Motorcycles

The CSC TT250 is essentially a DIY motorcycle for someone with a strict budget who dislikes purchasing used bikes. Even if you were to consider a second-hand bike, $2,495 has little purchasing power on the resale market. It’s an amazing motorbike for a lot of people; for instance, someone who’s just starting out, learning the tricks of the trade about dirt biking, or just someone who likes to have an affordable second bike in the garage to thrash around. Across 48 states of the US (outside of Hawaii and Alaska), shipping is a flat $425 rate, and CSC promises an after-sales warranty for a full year. Talking about warranty, CSC contracts with nearby repair shops; any qualified technician can work on the extremely basic motorcycle.

There are four color options to choose from – black, blue, gray, and white. You would also be happy to know that a $425 third-party, four-year warranty is also offered by CSC. And if you do get into the whole spirit of DIYing with the TT250, CSC says that all of the parts for the motorcycle are available in store at their headquarters in California at all times. All in all, the dual-sport is the perfect personification of simplicity and reminds us of bygone days. When the bikes were simpler, easier to live with, and most importantly, a whole lot affordable.


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