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10 Reasons The New Indian 101 Scout Is A Kickass Cruiser


The Indian Scout has been in business for a while, and over the years, it has seen many evolutions in design and performance. Today, the Scout lineup has become better than ever with its latest updates. But what if you want more from your Scout? More power, more pizazz, and more sportiness? Fortunately, Indian has something that ticks all those boxes in style – the 2025 Indian 101 Scout – which becomes the highest-performance Scout motorcycle of all time.

This West Coast-style cruiser brings a powerful, modern V-twin engine, high-end components, and plenty of tech features. While the bike wants to spearhead the future of “entry-level” American cruisers, it doesn’t forget its roots in the process. That’s because the “101” pays homage to the original Scout 101. If this is the way to pay tribute to an old classic, every manufacturer should take notes from this.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Indian Motorcycles and other authoritative sources, including Motorcycle News.

The New Indian Scout Is Here To Make Harley-Davidson Cruisers Sweat

Five variants make up the new Indian Scout lineup, headlined by the uber-special 101 Scout

10 Rooted In Almost A Century-Old History

Indian 1928 Scout 101 And 2025 101 Scout
Indian Motorcycles

As mentioned above, the 101 Scout is inspired by the original Scout, which was in production from 1928 to 1931. The older Scout may have gotten a short run, but its legacy lasts even today, almost a century later. Back then, it was groundbreaking, thanks to its advanced chassis design and performance. It was even the first choice for hill climbers, stunt riders, and racers alike! Almost a century later, the 101 Scout is back in action with high-strung performance and advanced components.

9 No Compromise On The Tech Front

2025 Indian 101 Scout instrument dial close-up detail
Indian Motorcycle

Gone are the days when cruisers were bare-bones and as tech-savvy as old Nokia phones. Things are different now with the advent of modern cruisers, and the 101 Scout is at the forefront of this segment. This bike comes stock with the Limited +Tech Trim, bringing the Ride Command infotainment package with a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, and a trio of ride modes. Dual-channel ABS, cruise control, and traction control round off the package neatly.

8 Tons Of Customizations To Make It Your Own

2025 Indian 101 Scout static front quarter shot
Indian Motorcycle

Stock bikes can become boring, no matter how gorgeous the design may be. Fortunately, Indian knows this, which is why it offers a ton of customization options to choose from. Trust us, the list is comprehensive and has almost everything most riders choose to install on their motorcycles after the purchase. You can truly make the 101 Scout your own without voiding your warranty.

Some Accessories Offered By Indian

  • Solo luggage rack
  • Steel front-highway bars
  • Adjustable piggyback rear shocks
  • Pathfinder 5.75-inch adaptive LED headlights
  • Clutch and brake levers
  • 10-inch Moto Handlebar Risers
  • Saddlebags

7 Purposeful, Engaging Ergonomics Centered On Comfort

2025 Indian 101 Scout saddle close-up detail
Indian Motorcycle

Cruisers, as fast or stylish as they may be, are nothing without comfort. The Indian 101 Scout is no different, thanks to its purposeful ergonomics that ensure an engaging ride without compromising comfort. The riding triangle appears comfortable with easy-reach flat handlebars, slightly forward-set footpegs, and a low seat height. Indian claims this triangle inspires rider confidence.

On the comfort side, the custom-stitched gunfighter-style solo seat plays the biggest part. It’s plush and comfortable with ample back support, according to Indian. You can always improve comfort by adding taller bar risers to suit your preference. Finally, the bike gets a bullet-style fairing that protects you from the wind on the highway.

10 Amazing Cruisers For Speed And Comfort

We know how much you like Fast and Furious(ly) comfortable cruisers!

6 Lowest Seat Height In The Segment

Seat Height: 25.74 inches

2025 Indian 101 Scout (9)

One of the Indian Scout’s greatest trump cards has always been its seat height, which made it one of the best American cruisers for beginners. This one promises to be even better. The manufacturer claims the 101 Scout comes with the lowest seat height in the segment, which should inspire confidence in new riders while also helping you maneuver it easily. Even if you’re not a beginner, the low seat height should make the package a tad more comfortable in the city nonetheless.

Dimensions Specifications

Weight (As Shipped)

529.1 LBS

Ground Clearance

4.44 inches


86.85 inches


61.49 inches

(Specs sourced from Indian)

5 Premium Mechanical Components

2025 Indian 101 Scout front wheel close-up detail

The 2025 Indian 101 Scout gets a new frame with a rigid geometry set for stability. But the biggest highlight here is what the frame hangs on. On the rear, the bike gets adjustable piggyback shocks, and on the front, it gets adjustable upside-down forks, finished in gold. Indian claims this suspension setup gives the bike excellent road manners, but only a thorough road test will confirm that.

That’s not where it ends, though. The motorcycle is adorned with dual Brembo calipers on the front paired with a single caliper at the rear, all with 298 mm rotors. Given it’s Brembo, the bike should stop just as well as it lurches off the line. Finally, there are the cast-alloy wheels shod with H-rated Metzeler Cruisetec tires.

Chassis, Suspension, And Braking Specifications

Front Suspension

43mm adjustable inverted telescopic cartridge fork with 5.9-inch travel

Rear Suspension

Dual piggyback shocks, fully adjustable with 3.0-inch travel




4.8 inches

Front Wheel

Cast 5-spoke, 19 in x 3.5 in

Rear Wheel

Cast 5-spoke, 16 in x 3.5 in

Front Tire

Metzeler Cruisetec 130/60B19 61H

Rear Tire

Metzeler Cruisetec 150/70B16 77H

Front Brake

Dual 320 mm semi-floating rotor with Brembo four-piston calipers

Rear Brake

298 mm semi-floating rotor with 1-piston caliper

(Specs sourced from Indian)

4 Aggressive West Coast Custom Appeal

2025 Indian 101 Scout cruising on the road
Indian Motorcycle

We can go on and on about the design of this bike, but we’ll keep it simple. The bodywork is sparse yet it adds a breath of fresh air to the Scout design. Yes, it’s still pretty vintage-y but it feels modern at the same time. The design is not over-the-top, nor too laid back, and the exclusive colorways only bring out the flavor of the design.

Everything — right from the Brembos to golden gas cans for the shocks and from the fairing to chopped fenders — comes together nicely to give this bike an aggressive custom bike look. It’s an excellent example of West Coast styling, and the Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST should be worried.

Design Highlights

  • Contrast cut five-spoke wheels look badass
  • Six-inch risers with machine highlights, machined triples, and Moto Handlebars look distinct
  • Blackout treatment only adds to the custom appeal of the motorcycle
  • Both fenders are chopped to the limit with the front doubling up as a spoiler for the forks
  • West Coast-style bullet fairing gives it a gangster vibe
  • Custom-stitched solo seat looks incredible
  • 101 Scout badging is all over the bike to remind you this one is special

3 Highest Performing Scout Ever Produced

Power Output: 111 HP @ 7,250 RPM

2025 Indian 101 Scout chassis close-up detail
Indian Motorcycle

Coming to the heart of the motorcycle, it’s powered by the completely redesigned SpeedPlus 1250 liquid-cooled V-twin engine. This motorcycle is said to deliver copious torque with a distinctive cruiser sound unlike ever before on a Scout. With an 11 percent increase in power and a 14 percent increase in torque, we don’t doubt that this is the fastest Scout ever produced.

What sets the 101 Scout apart from its rivals, meanwhile, is its high-revving nature. Thanks to its oversquare design, it peaks at 7,250 RPM with peak torque coming in at 6,300 RPM. Still, Indian claims this bike has a linear torque curve for blistering acceleration and an easy-to-ride character. We can’t wait to test it out on the roads.

Engine Highlights

  • Styling inspired by the legendary PowerPlus 108
  • 11% increase in displacement than its predecessor
  • Dual over-head cams and variable valve timing bring the torque down low without sacrificing the top-end
  • Responsive six-speed transmission paired with a slipper assist clutch for sporty riding
  • All-new engine glass sight and easy-to-remove valve covers for easy maintenance
  • A 10,000-mile service interval makes ownership cheaper in the long run

Performance Specifications

Engine Type

DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder, semi-dry sump

Bore x Stroke

4.094 in x 2.898 in

Compression Ratio


Cooling System


Torque Output

82 LB-FT @ 6,300 RPM

Fuel System

Electronic fuel injection, closed-loop / 60 mm bore

Final Drive

Belt drive, 146 teeth

(Specs sourced from Indian)

2 Spells Trouble For Its Rivals

2025 Indian 101 Scout
Indian Motorcycles 

The Indian 101 Scout has a few rivals in the segment, with two coming in the form of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S and Low Rider S. The former is more powerful than the Scout, powered by the stunning Revolution Max 1250T engine with a similar high-revving nature. It’s also packed with various ride-control features that make it a tough contender. Priced at $16,999, it hits the 101 Scout square in the jaw and the choice narrows down to preference.

Another rival to the 101 Scout is the Low Rider S in terms of design — both are West Coast-style cruisers. Fortunately, most think the Indian Sport Chief is the proper rival of the Low Rider, leaving the 101 Scout in a bit of a gray zone. So just test ride them and decide!

New Indian 101 Scout Vs Harley-Davidson Low Rider S: The Sporty Cruiser Rivalry

Indian’s new 101 Scout is arguably one of the sportiest American cruisers today. But can it successfully take Harley’s Low Rider heavyweight?

1 Drool-Worthy Price Tag And Exciting Color Options

Starting MSRP: $16,999

Rider sitting on a 2025 Indian 101 Scout in the desert
Indian Motorcycle

Speaking of pricing, the Indian 101 Scout has an attractive price tag that makes it bang for your buck, especially when you consider the electronics and components you get with it. It’s still not a cheap motorcycle, but cruisers, in general, tend to be slightly more expensive than other categories. Something to do with American metal we think.

Let’s not forget the color options you get with this bike. You can pick between the Sunset Red Metallic or Ghost White Metallic. Both options come with graphics, especially on the tank, along with color-matched fenders and bullet fairing. Everything else is blacked out, except for the forks and rear shocks. We know which one we’re picking (hint: it’s red). Which one are you picking?


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