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New Reports Claim The Affordable Tesla Will Be Replaced By Robotaxis


Tesla has long been dangling the cheap EV carrot in front of investors and potential customers, but it looks like it will never see the light of the day. According to Reuters, multiple sources have confirmed that the automaker will not be making the entry-level, $25,000 EV, dubbed the Model 2, amid competition from Chinese EV manufacturers.

While the reason cited is fierce Chinese competition, it is also said that the automaker will be shifting its focus on robotaxis. The report about the cancelation of the affordable Tesla EV led to the company’s shares falling three-percent in afternoon trading.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from Reuters and other authoritative sources, including Automotive News.


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Blame The Chinese EVs For It

BYD Yangwang U7
BYD Yangwang

Chinese automakers like BYD are coming up with EVs that offer amazing bang for your buck, and it is only a matter of time before they infiltrate the U.S. market, too. According to Reuters, two sources confirmed that the Model 2’s killing was learned at a gathering attended by many employees in late Feb.

The other source said the company will now be focusing on making robotaxis, but in much lower volume than what Tesla had projected for the Model 2. The fourth source noted that the plan to switch gears and concentrate on the roboxtaxis is in line with Musk’s vision of future mobility. However, nothing is concrete and the plans could change based on the economic situation.

Elon Musk, however, did not take this well and didn’t hesitate to call out the publication for the report.

For what it’s worth, Reuters also noted that Tesla did not respond to requests for comments and did not specify any inaccuracies either. The automaker has been invested in robotaxis for a long time now, and it’ll be interesting to see if the plan to ditch the affordable EV will speed up and intensify the development of robotaxis. Let’s see how the next chapter of this story pans out.


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