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How much does it cost to wrap a car?


Tossing up between wrapping your car or going all-out on a new paint job? Wrapping might be a cheaper option, but there are some things to consider.

Wrapping cars has become more popular in the past decade, transitioning from a purely advertising application to a viable consumer option.

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Wrapping seems to offer a cheaper, easier alternative for those looking for a quick way to change their car’s colour.

There are several advantages to wrapping your car instead of going all-out on a new paint job. But what is a wrap, and how does it differ from getting a car painted?

How long does wrapping your car last?

In its simplest terms, wrapping is essentially placing one large sticker over your existing paint to either protect it or change your ride’s look entirely.

Vinyl wrapping retains your vehicle’s stock paint and can be wholly reversed if you change your mind or get damage to the wrap.

If you opt for high-quality vinyl, keep it in good condition and your car is parked in a garage, the wrap can last up to eight years.

Is wrapping a car better than painting it?

Many new car owners are opting for a wrap to protect their paint, with the option of clear vinyl becoming a popular option as it showcases the existing paint while adding a layer of scratch protection that you cannot get from polishing products.

Wrapping also takes a lot less preparation and has a faster turnaround time. Fewer parts need to be removed from the car to wrap it, and if the paint is in good condition, then no sanding or priming is required to lay down the vinyl.

When it comes to painting, it’s an extremely messy and time-consuming endeavour. You will need to sand the existing paint down, lay a coat of primer, spray your base colour coat on and then paint a clear coat over the top, allowing it to dry and sanding in between stages to ensure the paint lays flat and comes out shiny.

Painting can also be expensive – although this will vary on the colour, type of car and the person doing the painting. Generally speaking, a good paint job can cost upwards of $8000.

Finally, wraps come in styles that are next to impossible to match by painting the car; pearlescent, reflective wraps and even glitter-style vinyl sheets are all available off-the-shelf. Wrapping companies can also print branding and patterns onto the vinyl if you’re feeling really brave.

How much does it cost to wrap a car?

You should expect to pay around $5000 or more to wrap your car.

Andrew Laker from Urban Prints, who has been in the trade of commercial wrapping for 16 years, gave us some insight into the rough cost of getting a mid-sized sedan, i.e., a Honda Accord, wrapped in a solid colour.

“A mid-sized car can run you between $4500–$5000 for a complete colour change,” Mr Laker said.

“The costs heavily rely on the style of the car, i.e. sharp edges, physical size and how many hours need to be spent stripping parts off the car. You’d be looking at a three business day turnaround from dropping off your car until completion.”

In the United States, Tesla offers owners the ability to purchase Tesla-branded clear or coloured paint-protecting film via its app for $US5000, but this service is not yet offered in Australia.

Generally speaking, how much it costs to wrap your car will heavily depend on the wrap brand, colour and the type of car you have.

If you have a large car with a lot of intricate edges, then it will cost more to get wrapped over a small and round car. However, this same rule applies to painting a car as well.

Can I DIY wrap my car?

Sound easy? We can assure you that it’s a lot more complex. It may seem tempting to jump on eBay and purchase a roll of 3M vinyl to tackle the job yourself. Much like painting a car, vinyl wrapping takes an acute set of skills acquired through years of training and practice.

A quick search on YouTube will show just how much work goes into cutting panels to shape, the hours it takes to stretch the vinyl so no air bubbles show up, and the surgical precision needed to trim excess wrap and not scratch the existing paint.

While nothing is stopping you from giving it a go yourself, we heavily recommend that you get an expert opinion prior to spending the money on materials.

Will wrapping damage the paint underneath?

This question heavily depends on your existing paint condition. If your car still has the clear coat intact and no paint flaking off, you’re in the clear.

“If the paint is good underneath, then it won’t damage it; in fact, it protects it, which is why some people like to get it done,” said Mr Laker.

“If you’re looking to hide poor-condition paint, we can lightly sand it down so the wrap can adhere. But, there are instances where the paint can be too far gone to wrap.”

It also pays to do your research on highly rated automotive wrapping companies; otherwise, you may run the risk of a peeling wrap or even knife marks on your paint.

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