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Everything You Need To Know About BMW’s Armored Vehicle Driving School



  • BMW offers elite security driver training for professionals entrusted with high-profile figures, improving skills for any hazardous scenario.
  • The program, costing a minimum of $1,000, provides comprehensive training in handling armored vehicles, ensuring safety and precision in driving.
  • Enthusiasts can immerse themselves in controlled excitement and master high-security driving techniques at BMW’s renowned facility in Berlin.

Have you ever watched an action movie with an electrifying chase scene? Giant explosions, bullets bouncing off windows, and evasive vehicle maneuvers run through your mind whenever you think of an armored vehicle. Movie franchises like “The Transporter” solidified the need for many people to throw an Audi A8 through fiery explosions and escape all types of danger.

With most armored cars being an aftermarket affair, some luxury automakers like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW have offered armored models for decades. However, offering the vehicles for sale begs the question of just how do you drive these fortified behemoths?

One luxury automaker is now providing just the thing. BMW’s armored vehicle driving school offers an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts to delve into the realm of high-security driving with two comprehensive courses tailored to refine driving skills in extreme situations.

Situated in Berlin, at the ex-Soviet Groß Dölln air force base, this renowned facility provides the perfect backdrop for mastering the intricacies of handling BMW’s armored fleet. With a selection of three sinister vehicles, including the i7, 7-Series Protection, and X5 Protection VR6, participants are immersed in a curriculum that meticulously covers the added protection and upgrades unique to each model.

In order to give you the most up-to-date and accurate information possible, the data used to compile this article was sourced from various manufacturer websites and other authoritative sources, including BMW, International Armored Group, and BMW Driver’s School.

BMW Security Driver Training Classes

BMW’s defensive driver training classes provide an immersive experience aimed at enhancing driving skills across various hazardous scenarios. Tailored for individuals entrusted with transporting high-profile figures such as presidents, CEOs, or individuals in sensitive positions, these courses ensure preparedness for any situation. Leveraging BMW’s extensive expertise in automotive engineering and safety innovations, participants embark on a journey towards becoming vigilant and confident drivers.

Whether traversing bustling urban landscapes or tackling challenging off-road terrain, BMW’s cutting-edge training equips drivers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and mindset to anticipate, avoid, and effectively respond to a multitude of potential hazards. By mastering defensive driving techniques and adopting a proactive approach to safety, participants emerge prepared to navigate even the most unpredictable environments with poise and precision.

BMW Security Driver Level 1

BMW Security Driver Level 1 stands as a premier opportunity tailored specifically for professional drivers entrusted with the safety of VIPs, politicians, or high-ranking business figures. Spanning across two intensive days and nights, participants are immersed in a meticulously curated curriculum led by seasoned instructors well-versed in the intricate nuances of armored vehicle handling.

With a strict limit of eight participants per group, the training ensures each driver receives personalized guidance as they navigate the unique challenges posed by BMW’s armored fleet, which includes the prestigious BMW 7 Series Protection and the formidable BMW X5 VR6 Protection models.

From mastering the art of emergency braking to executing precise evasive maneuvers, participants are exposed to a comprehensive array of defensive driving techniques crucial for maintaining control in high-pressure situations. The program encompasses a range of essential services, including extensive safety briefings, practical driving dynamics sessions, luxurious single-room accommodations, and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Crafted exclusively for professional security drivers, this immersive training program not only enhances participants’ driving skills but also instills the confidence needed to ensure the safety and security of their passengers in any scenario, setting a new standard of excellence in the realm of protective driving.

BMW Security Driver Level 2

BMW’s advanced training program offers a sophisticated experience meticulously crafted for professional drivers seeking to improve their mastery of handling extreme situations. Extending over three intensive days and nights, this comprehensive curriculum delves into the intricacies of defensive driving, advancing upon the scenarios covered in the Level 1 course.

With a strict cap of eight participants per group, each driver receives personalized attention from seasoned instructors as they confront new challenges head-on. These challenges encompass a diverse range of scenarios, from navigating escape routes under simulated paintball fire to executing high-speed pace car laps and mastering maneuvers involving vehicle contact.

Guided by practical driving dynamics sessions and in-depth safety briefings, participants emerge equipped to uphold the highest safety standards in their profession, ensuring optimal protection for their passengers in any circumstances. Set within the prestigious Driving Center Groß Dölln in Berlin, Germany, this immersive training program provides a supportive environment where drivers deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills under the guidance of expert instructors.

Much like driving schools that enhance skills for club days with top-trim race cars, BMW’s defensive driving school offers a refined experience, elevating participants’ proficiency with its specialized focus on armored vehicles. By immersing drivers in a comprehensive curriculum, this program sets a new standard for excellence in protective driving, empowering professionals to navigate even the most challenging environments with precision and confidence.

BMW’s Performance Driving School: Video

BMW Offers Three Armored Vehicles

2024 BMW i7 xDrive front end driving on track

In the realm of armored luxury vehicles, BMW stands out with a distinguished lineup offering unparalleled security and sophistication. With a keen understanding of the evolving needs of discerning clients, BMW shows a dedication to providing niche vehicles for a certain market.

Leading the pack is the BMW 7 Series Protection, boasting its own dedicated model fortified with cutting-edge security features. Complementing this flagship sedan is the groundbreaking BMW i7 Protection, marking a milestone as the first-ever protection sedan equipped with an all-electric drive system, symbolizing BMW’s commitment to sustainability without compromising safety.

Rounding out the trio is the robust BMW X5 Protection VR6, catering to those seeking a formidable off-road capable armored vehicle without sacrificing luxury. Across the range, BMW’s commitment to safety is evident, with armor-plated steel protection cells and safety glass providing unparalleled defense against up to VPAM 10 ammunition.

Moreover, with the inclusion of the M Sport Package as standard, drivers can expect uncompromising performance, with powerful engines delivering exceptional horsepower. Whether navigating urban landscapes or venturing off the beaten path, BMW’s armored vehicles embody the perfect combination of protection, performance, and luxury.

BMW 7 Series Protection


530 hp


553 lb-ft


4.4-liter twin-turbo V8


8-speed automatic


8,741 lbs

The two models developed based on the new BMW 7 Series blend an unrivaled protection concept with outstanding levels of ride comfort and spaciousness, exceptionally advanced equipment features, and class-leading dynamic prowess. The new combustion-engine BMW 7 Series Protection, equipped with the latest-generation V8 powertrain under the hood, ensures uncompromising protection and performance.

Its BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, including an upgraded turbocharging system and a cross-bank exhaust manifold, delivers a maximum output of 530 hp and a peak of 553 pound-feet of torque. Combined with the BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system, the BMW 7 Series Protection achieves superior driving dynamics and efficiency. The BMW 7 Series Protection sets new standards in the luxury protection vehicle segment, offering tailored security and comfort for at-risk individuals.

BMW i7 Protection


544 hp


549 lb-ft


Twin electric motor


Single speed


9,810 lbs

The BMW i7 Protection sets a new benchmark as the world’s first-ever protection sedan with an all-electric drive system. It pioneers sustainable mobility without compromising on safety or luxury. Driven by two powerful electric motors, the BMW i7 Protection delivers exceptional performance while meeting all the requirements of class VR9 protection without limitations. Both electric motors have a combined output of 544 horsepower and 549 pound-feet of torque.

The BMW i7 Protection combines advanced electric propulsion technology with top-tier security features. Its innovative BMW Protection Core, crafted from armor steel, forms a self-supporting protective cell, ensuring unparalleled defense against firearms or explosives. Delivering outstanding spaciousness and comfort, the BMW i7 Protection showcases BMW’s creative mind to build sustainable solutions in the specialized vehicle protection segment. The i7 Protection debuted at the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor show in Munich and marks a significant milestone in the evolution of high-security mobility.

BMW X5 Protection VR6


523 hp


553 lb-ft


4.4-liter twin-turbo V8


8-speed automatic


7,220 lbs

For those looking for an armored vehicle with better off-road capability, the new BMW X5 Protection VR6 is the perfect choice. From its armored body to specialized safety glass, every aspect of this model was designed to meet the rigorous standards set by Germany’s Vereinigung der Prüfstellen für Angriffshemmende Materialien und Konstruktionen (Association of Test Laboratories for Attack-Resistant Materials and Constructions – VPAM). Despite its formidable protection capabilities, the exterior and interior design of the BMW X5 Protection VR6 remain indistinguishable from its standard counterpart.

Its discreet appearance on public roads serves as an additional safety measure for individuals requiring special protection. Powered by an upgraded powertrain and equipped with BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system and bespoke chassis technology, the X5 Protection VR6 delivers the dynamic performance expected from a BMW SAV, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness in potentially dangerous situations. Its versatile skill set makes it an ideal single vehicle for at-risk individuals and a reliable support vehicle alongside other protection vehicles.

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Everyone Should Go To A Driving School

2024 BMW i7 xDrive rear driving on track with light on roof

The allure of attending a driving school extends to all, particularly those captivated by the heart-pounding chase scenes immortalized in action movies. These adrenaline-fueled spectacles, filled with explosions, bullet-dodging, and precision evasive maneuvers, ignite a longing in many to experience such thrills firsthand. While armored vehicles have traditionally been synonymous with these high-stakes scenarios, BMW’s latest offering opens up avenues for enthusiasts to immerse themselves in controlled excitement.

Though it may necessitate a journey to Berlin, where else can one find a facility offering the ideal setting to master the complexities of handling BMW’s armored fleet? From comprehensive courses tailored to varying skill levels to a selection of formidable vehicles, BMW’s security driver course promises excitement and training for all. For those whose interests lie beyond defensive driving, the brand also offers conventional driving courses at locations worldwide, catering to a diverse range of enthusiasts eager to refine their skills behind the wheel.

Driving Schools Can Be Expensive, But Worth It

Enrolling in driving schools, particularly specialized ones such as BMW Security Driver Training can often entail a considerable financial commitment owing to their all-encompassing approach. While many driving schools offer weekend courses at relatively modest rates, BMW’s comprehensive program sets itself apart by covering every aspect, from extensive safety briefings to hands-on practical driving dynamics. As a result, the cost of participation tends to be higher.

Prices for BMW’s elite training experience typically start at a minimum of $1,000 and may escalate further, particularly when considering additional expenses like travel to Berlin, where the program is based. Despite the substantial investment, for enthusiasts eager to immerse themselves in an unparalleled driving experience and gain mastery over high-security driving techniques, the value derived from attending a premium institution like BMW’s can prove to be immensely rewarding. The opportunity to refine skills under expert guidance and experience driving in a controlled yet exhilarating environment can indeed justify the premium associated with such esteemed programs.


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